New Years Now.

So here we are again, the last day of another year passed. I have been reflecting the last few days on this year and what I would have changed if I could. Its not been an easy year-I find myself feeling like, thank God its almost over. ! But I thought last night how I often find myself thinking about the past, things I did wrong, mistakes I make, things I wish I hadn’t said, or done.. or the future-worry about, wondering about it, feeling anxious for it to get here.. But then I miss the now.

I seem to be missing the now a lot lately.

In 2010, my prayer is to live in the now more. To enjoy the moments that are passing, never to return. Without worrying about what is to come or what is behind. I feel like my children need to see me smile more. Sometimes I even think of the future when the boys are older and it makes me sad. I caught myself doing it over Christmas thinking I know they are going to get wives and leave me for Christmas. (It happens!) Then snapped out of my trance and realized I was totally was missing the now.

So the word for 2010 for me is ‘now’.

Lord, help me enjoy the now with my family and friends. Today will never happen again, help me to appreciate today for what it is.

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One Response to New Years Now.

  1. bellissimanh says:

    I have similar feelings about 2009. It was a TOUGH year for me. One of the toughest. Yet through it all, the Lord was faithful. I’m tempted to pray for an easier year in 2010, but at the same time, I know that I’ve experienced growth as a result of the difficulties. I know that others have been touched by watdhing us walk this road. So long as the Lord is glorified, I guess I’m willing to walk through anything. But sheesh… a breather would be nice. 🙂

    Love you, Sarah!

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