Silence…. maybe..

Everyone is always talking about ‘when God is silent’. Theres a whole chapter in the book Im reading about it, I talk about it, I hear messages on it, its a big deal. Because he is often silent, isnt He? But sometimes I like to stand back from common phrases and look at them from a different perspective. Then I thought of my own friendships.

When Im talking to my closest friends, sometimes in the silence I am saying a lot. Sometimes if I clam up during a conversation, its speaking volumes. And most times my closest friends know exactly what Im saying.

So, I thought about God and His ‘silence’. Maybe He isnt being silent at all. Maybe in the most silent seasons in my life, He is looking right at me, He clammed up at the perfect time and He knows.. that I know.. exactly what He is talking about.  Maybe.

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One Response to Silence…. maybe..

  1. Ernie says:

    great perspective!

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