Quench-not & Careful Reverence.

So of course, its been a crazy week with the general meeting we just hosted. Everyone is exhausted, off their schedules, eating weird things at weird hours, up too late all week and probably has a lot of laundry to catch up on. But I felt a thankfulness today from the people gathered for our Sunday Service. It was wonderful to hear from visitors too. I am however officially sick of being in the choir. (we’ve been 🙂 singing a lot.) I just havent been able to get this particular story off of my mind since I woke up. I thought maybe blogging a little would help organize my thoughts.I hope.

2 Samuel 6 is so full. It talks about David and his men moving the Ark. Someone died, the Ark was falling and he reached to grab it. Scripture has always kind of confused me, doesnt seem like something God would do. But thats not really the point, I dont think. It says David brought the Ark up with gladness. Then, 13And it was so, that when they that bare the ark of the LORD had gone six paces, he sacrificed oxen and fatlings. So, every few steps, David, with great care, stopped and sacrificed. He gave thanks to God. He realized that you need not only to be careful, but you also have to have reverence with thanksgiving to the Lord. Because even if you are right, you can be wrong in how you go about something. So it was few steps, stop, give thanks, sacrifice.. Quite a lot. Necessary? Maybe not, but maybe David wanted to really remind himself of the seriousness of this journey.

Then David comes up the road, the people all around, he felt the spirit and began to dance with ALL his might in the streets. Michal saw him doing this and was looking on, she despised him in her heart. Instantly as I read that I felt so convicted. How many times have I seen something and in my heart judged it, not seeing it through Gods eyes. Not using the spirit to see with. Things look differently to God. Michal then asked David, (paraphrasing) so, you danced, exposing yourself to all the handmaidens and people out there! Davids reply was awesome. I danced before the Lord. The Lord was what was on Davids mind.

Sometimes things dont look how we want them to. Sometimes things arent always proper and perfect. Sometimes we judge these things in our own hearts and let whoever we talk to ‘have it’ with our sarcasm. But the Bible says Michal had no children until the day of her death. It doesnt elaborate but she bore no fruit. Makes me think about so much in my life. Where am I quenching the spirit in my life? Because thinking I know best, in the end, ruins and quenches Gods plan for my life. Ruins the fruit.

I am so convicted by these stories. They make me look inward. I cannot approach God in an irreverent, careless way. He is God. He is holy. We joke around so much as people, its fun to do this among friends. But there are also scriptures against foolishness. Because we can apply that same manner to how we approach God. And this will not work. I do not want to quench the spirit. The scripture says, David came to bless his house. He was met with Michals spirit. Which quenched his. We can do so much damage with our words, with what we think is best.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.. Ps 111:10

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One Response to Quench-not & Careful Reverence.

  1. Janelle says:

    Very good and very convicting post. It’s not just the “what” but the “how” we do things too.

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