Noise & Shells

Check out previous post called Noise. Things have been going on in my mind and I have saved this blog as a draft for 3 days or so not sure if I wanted to post it. I dont want to be instructive or annoying. Just observing a few things in my life that need help. But something made me want to post this. While looking for Noise, I found this new one called Shells. I cant even believe how its all related but so thankful.I will post that at the end.

I saw this on Twitter the other day with a Tweet that said the average person spends about a minute on a website so if you post lots of text, no one is reading. So true. I love to read every word of blogs Im on, even comments, but I find the wealth of information at times overwhelming to say the least.

Stream of Conscious bullet list on the subject:

  • I think  in 140 Chars.
  • I have been online 1st thing in the morning with my coffee vs. being in the Word and prayer 1st thing in the morning with my coffee.  Even if the things are good/encouraging, nothing should replace that special time with the Lord.
  • So much GOOD information at our fingertips. So many encouraging words that it becomes hard to process all of it. Blogs, posts,’s, pictures, status updates, videos, etc. etc. etc.
  • My mind is always busy and there is usually some sort of technology in my hands. This is rubbing off on my kids. They want their leapsters, didj’s, mom or dads phone. Its constant and makes me feel anxious.
  • Everything is so fast paced in my life. Things can get lost in this fast paced living. Important things.
  • I have probably 4 books half way done. My attention span is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Im not blaming anything b/c of this but I know all these things arent helping. Even when I read the Bible I find my eyes skipping all over. Focus, Danielson!

So I got to thinking its time to chill for a bit on all this.  I told Brad today, no nothing, just look out the window, lets enjoy Gods creation. I dont want the boys to grow up so bent on being ‘entertained’ that they lost the wonderful arts of thought/meditation/being still and listening.I want to spend some more time with the Lord than I have been giving Him. Theres this longing  inside of me to do this.

I have been thinking of this chorus all day..

In the Silence, you are speaking. In the quiet, I can can feel the fire. And its burning, burning deeply. Burning all that is that you desire-to be silent. In me.

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3 Responses to Noise & Shells

  1. Aaron C says:

    I’ve needed this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janelle says:

    From the video ~ “Simple, disciplined focused life. Able to say no because you’ve already said yes.” Those are such good ideas. I want this, and need this, really bad. I’ve felt “bloated” in my head a lot lately from the constant reading and absorbing that I try to do. I totally need time to digest what the Lord’s given me before rushing on to the next thing. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts.

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