Closed Doors..

Good morning, world! I woke up a little sick today, achy and a chough so I was trying to sow some seeds of rejoicing in hopes that it would bring a little joy. It didnt take long. The first thing that came to mind was something huge the Lord did for me this week and I thought it would be a perfect quick little blog..

Ernie and I have been praying about something for a while, and Thursday Evening I was praying really hard about it. I was deeply troubled. I was in the dark and needed some light. I just started talking to the Lord like He was a friend, asking why He was doing this and why He was doing that. It wasnt a long prayer but it was from my heart. I asked Him to even close doors, just so we could hear Him speak. Funny but this is the exact same kind of prayer I prayed when Ernie got laid off. It wasnt that I was happy about Ernie being laid off, but I was thrilled that the Lord heard me and reminded me He was in control!

The very next day (yesterday) something happened for these 2 situations and it was pretty much closed doors. Instead of being bummed I rejoiced. He heard me. He knows about us. So this morning, I can praise Him for all the open doors He has let us walk through, but for all the closed doors too. He kept us from things that were out of His will. Im so thankful, I dont want to waste any time doing things in vain.

Never before have I been so happy about a closed door.. Wanted to share..

Off to Field Day. I woke up feeling sick so pray for me if you think of it, Field Day then Easter, its going to be a busy weekend to be sick! Oh, its Rees’ 4th Birthday too!!!!! My little man is 4 today. My goodness. How time flies.


Reesie's First Birthday!


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