ok, im kinda tired now.


Rees with his froggie, and whistle-pop.

Just when I thought I would be able to check out this week and catch up on life I remembered it is co-op week this week and somehow I volunteered to help out for field day! Life is just busy. Today in between services Rees comes in with this huge jar, I dont even know where the jar came from now that Im thinking of it.. Anyways, it has this tiny little frog in it. Hes all talking to his little froggie. I took his picture and he was all, ‘Say Cheese, little froggie!’ Anyways, im busy typing up notes on the laptop from this weekend and all of the sudden he comes in and says, ‘Where is my frog, mom?’ Im all, ‘You have got to be kidding me, Rees.’ He wasnt kidding me.  All of the sudden I remember my mom stepping on a spider barefooted and it squeezing between her toes. I was so gagged that I went to find shoes. If I did step on this thing, I wasnt going to have any guts in between my toes. So we look for the thing for a good half hour. Finding it a few times and everyone is too freaked out to pick it up. Rees finally finds the thing and gets it back in the jar. I hear him a few minutes later outside saying, ‘Jump, froggie, jump!’ uh-oh. lol 

Moving on… You hope! We went to a conference this weekend on discipleship with some friends. It was such a jam packed conference! I learned so much in such a little time that my brain is tired. The main things I got out of it werent even in the teaching. Everyone was so kind, hospitable, etc. I really watched how the women talked to each other, how they built each other up. The main woman giving the talks was so joyful and positive. She even said something to me that made me feel good. Everyone wants to feel good. It made me think of a few older saints that arent with us anymore. 


Ernie and I at Bozo's BBQ place. Just before we ate at Gus' chicken place.

The thing I miss about them a lot is how they spoke life to me, they were interested in me. They have died but that principle cannot die. Its (partially) up to me to help carry that on. And I desire God to help me with that. But you cant build anyone up if you arent confident in who you are in Christ. Like it was said this week, you know someone is carrying a bucket full of water, because their feet are wet. I want to be so full, that I have something to pour out to others.

The other great thing I got from the conference was this thought.. ‘Your outreach will always be the depth and proportion to your inward walk with God.” There was so many rich things there said, but this was the most impactful. Everything begins with my relationship with God. An inside-out lifestyle. I just pray the Lord keeps working with us, that His mercy does endure forever because I need it every day.  Each day I realize I need it more than the day before. He is faithful, He meets me every single time. This is such an exciting life, who wouldnt want to serve Jesus. To be a part of the Great Commission? What a privelage!

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