We got this 30% off coupon from DSW in the mail yesterday. On it, I saw how I have been wanting my haircut! I tore off the model’s  head and showed Ernie. Brad wanted to see. I asked Brad if he thought that would be a nice haircut for me. He said, ‘Yes, mom but thats not your face.’  I didnt know if I should laugh or attack him. LOL This boy is VERY witty, and I think he is hilarious. But he is also Ernie’s son, which means he will probably always be brutally honest, even if it makes you uncomfortable.


Then a few minutes later Ernie and Brad were building his Star Wars Lego ship. Ernie was onto him about losing pieces and he was saying, ‘Brad you cant lose the pieces, then we cant build it.’

Brad said, ‘Im such a loser.’

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3 Responses to Brad

  1. princessmelissa says:

    That is so funny I dont really talk to brad that much him and Aiden (how ever Chrissy spells his name) are usually playing on the stairs but Brad and Reese are so cute!! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Melissa, she spells it ‘Aidan.’ Kids are all so adorable and funny!

  3. princessmelissa says:

    Thanks 🙂

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