Consignment Sale time!!

I just got this from my friend, Jessi about Brea’s consignment sale, Encores and More! Its my favorite sale, last season I made $300!! I think Im going to sign up and work too.

Here is a link to my favorite consignment sale! It happens twice a year and they have awesome stuff. I thought you mothers-to-be might be interested.

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4 Responses to Consignment Sale time!!

  1. Chrissy says:

    NO, I will not pick up your stuff for you!! lol!

  2. Sarah says:

    Sheesh. One favor and I never hear the end of it. (LOL) I now donate all my leftover items to waive the $10 entry fee. So, dont worry! lol

  3. Chrissy says:

    This looks really great, actually!! I might sell some stuff too, make some xtra moola!

  4. Sarah says:

    It is!! They have an online tagging system this sale too! You dont have to write any tags out, its very cool. I consign ALL the boys old stuff and buy ALL the new stuff with the money I make. So I never have to buy the boys clothes, really. Its awesome and this sale is HUGE. If you choose to consign, get a consignor number (left column) and I will come over and help you do it since its your first one.

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