I just wrote this out trying to get some thoughts straight. An email conversation with a dear friend today inspired this train of thought. For me, everything comes down to if I believe. Casting off this fear that one of these times, God is going to give me what I deserve. Leave me. Desert me. I need to get it through my thick head that its nothing I can do, nothing I have done, nothing I will do,  rewards me with His faithfulness. He is faithful, because He is. He is the definition of Faithfulness. He speaks promise after promise after promise to me, and still I lack Faith. This is me on my road to belief.

It isnt a matter of God closing a door.

Or opening a window, or another door.

Its a matter of me having the Faith it takes to BELIEVE that once a door is shut,

another one will open.

That I wont be stuck.

In the space between two doors.

That He always has,

and always will..

Have a door for me.


Mar 9:23  Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

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2 Responses to Believe.

  1. T Rowe says:

    In a conversation I had with one of my kids this week, I told them how much easier thier life would be if they would just “obey” and do what I ask. Why must you fight and pull against me each step of the way?

    Funny. It’s just our nature to do things the hard way. We think our way is better because we are “in control”. We cannot just do it “Mom’s way” because that means Mom is in control.

    Same with our walk with the Lord. So many times we fight what we know is the right thing to do because to trust IN GOD, to have faith IN HIM is to relinquish our control and turn it all over to an “unseen hand”.

    The Lord cannot lead us… if we do not follow.

  2. Sarah says:

    Tina, I have been humming the Wade Brown Trio’s song, ‘Helm of my soul.’ I dont know all the words but I know enough to hum. Captain, Great captain, take the Helm of my soul. I found there’s peace in the midst of disaster, by laying it all, at the feet of the master. Man, I love that song.

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