Did I spell that right?  Anyways, I had to post this. Rees is playing with a reindeer that Aunt P gave us. It has a sax and it wears a  Christmas hat. Only thing is, I swear it plays the Benny Hill theme song. In my mind I can see this old guy chasing around girls in their bathing suits every time he plays it. (I think it used to be a tv show on when I was little or something. Or I hope it was lol.) Whats funny is I always get Benny Hill and Benny Hinn mixed up. Not good.

Ya, if thats not irritating I dont know what is. But I will not harden my heart. (see last post.) Its still pretty cute and Reesie loves it very much. He said, ‘He’s wiggling his bottom.’ in the video.

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One Response to Reindeer.

  1. Aunt P says:

    A child after my own heart! Benny Hill and a wigglin’ bottom! HA HA LOVE YOU!!!

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