How Sarah got her groove back..

Well ok,  maybe not but I really like that title.

Sunday Bro Keith really touched my heart with his testimony.

Keith for those of you that dont know, is a young man in our assembly. He got up and talked about responding to the Lord. How you can have it in your mind how you want the Lord to bless you, you can think of how everything is going to go and then it can stress you out when it doesnt happen. You can get caught up in rules and appearances.  (this is how I remember it anyways..) He said he remembered a bass player he likes talking about a groove. How you have to find your groove first, get into your groove with your bass then you can play the song. Not to just try to jump into the song without finding your groove, how that will end up in making mistakes and it not sounding right. I thought this was so good. You can try to play a song, (your life song) and without having your groove, you find yourself out of tune.

This is probably one of my favorite Rob Bell videos. Dont mind the subtitles, but listen to it. I dont want to get all caught up in the technical aspect of the song, that I lose the simple, pure enjoyment of the song. Our walks are all tailor fit to us, and yet they all fit together.  A duet and yet a glorious, harmonious melody.

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