Macey’s Parade..

Shes a smart girl. Waiting for her day. 🙂

Coffee is brewing or I would NOT be on here updating but I have a sec. No baby yet. I came home for a few hours of sleep and just got a call that its about that time. Heading back. Please pray for Chrissy and Macey-Face. (Chrissy was calling her that and I thought it was adorable.) Next post will be stats!!

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2 Responses to Macey’s Parade..

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m so glad my mom finally got a hold of you guys. i have been worried all night, espcially after no new posts from you at 6am. i thought for sure she’d have come by then. glad everything turned out ok. tell chrissy congrats and molli can’t wait to meet macey!!!

  2. paulina says:

    Indeed, she does have a Cherubic face.
    A little Angel Face. “Macey Face.” Welcome to our
    world, wee-little Macey Lorraine!

    And, to Matthew and Chrissy, well done,
    my darlings! Congratulations!

    And to Camryn, you have a real live baby
    doll now, to have fun with and help Mommy.

    And Aidan, Oh our little tiger, Aidan…
    now you have a big sister, and a Little sister! Wow! That is so awesome! Just think of all the ball games you can teach them!
    God is truly So GOOD!…Congrats to each of you.
    All my love, Auntie (p)

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