Why my world needs superman.

I made these last nght for our little Macey girl coming into the world TONIGHT! Well probably tomorrow morning sometime but its very soon! I got all excited after seeing Chrissy yesterday that I made these little things up for her. They turned out SO cute! I love them and want a pair for me.


He looks good in winter white, no?


Anyways, hopefully my next post will include a picture of her wearing them! Have a good day, everyone!

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5 Responses to Why my world needs superman.

  1. Chrissy says:

    LOL! They look good on Superman, but I have to admit I’d rather see them on Macey! I’m so excited, but I really feel a calm and peace from the Lord! I’ve been knitting on a little hat and booties to go with her little sweater dress! I want her to have them for her first church service! Tomorrow at this time, I’ll hopefully be holding her and be all done with pregnancy!

  2. Gina says:

    Adorable! I love that style… I haven’t seen booties like that:) Love original stuff. I hope someone posts some pictures of the new baby:) Congratulations Chrissy!

    BTW, has Jannelle had her baby yet? I love that you all have new babies like every month.

  3. Sarah says:

    Gina, No baby yet for Jannelle. But you are right! We are having babies all the time right now. Its wonderful. I held one just born on Sunday and even got Ernie to hold her. It was so cute. Most of the babies right now, (like 99% so far lol) have been girls. I admit, its made me want one. So Im glad our family will have one. Tomorrow!!!!

  4. Brea says:

    I always knew superman had a softer side. Those are really pretty!

  5. The Causey's says:

    Keep us posted on Chrissy’s progress! I can’t wait to see little Macey!

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