Happy Halloween!

We went to Provence Bakery and the Pumpkin Patch today. The bakery was so great!!The man, Larry took us through the whole bakery, showing us how they make cakes, cookies, chocolates and bread. The mixers can make enough dough for 200 loaves of bread. He was the kindest man, he had such a great personality to work with kids! They made a huge mess and he laughed. I would have been so annoyed. lol He opened the fridge and told them, ‘Lets put the dough in here.’ Rees then plopped it on the floor. He looked at my mom and said, ‘Well, he did listen to what I said technically.’ hahaWe were sent home with about 12 loaves of sourdough bread that was hot when we left! And care boxes of pre made tins with a recipe. The tins had everything in it to make french bread!! You just add water and thats it. Plus, tons of cookies.

The pumpkin patch was a bummer, she wouldnt let us in because we werent a ‘school group’ I told her it was a homeschool field trip and still wouldnt let us in! I told her I checked her website and had it planned all week, nothing said about special parties only. It was a major bummer. Seeing all the kids go on the hayride and ours couldnt. I asked her, ‘There isnt room for just 4 children?’ She said, ‘no, im sorry.’ So its Bottom View Farms in Portland. Never will I go there again. It was pathetic. Oh well, we stopped and got mums, pumpkins and tomatoes in cross plains. The guy said they were from the menonites. Whether thats true or not I dont know. But it sounded good to me.

Im going to flickr to post the rest of the pics of our day now. Hope everyone has a safe evening!

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One Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. Janelle says:

    Larry the bakery guy! LOL! That is a major bummer about the pumpkin patch. You’d think since they have like a one-month season for this kind of thing they would want as many customers as they can get. Oh well, I am jealous of the bread! Sounds yummy!

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