So this week started the feast of the Tabernacles, Sukkot, on the Jewish Calendar. Im not sure how many Jews celebrate it still, but we did! 🙂 Ernie emailed me a few recipes this week and worked on the booth outside all week with the boys. (We made Isreali Salad and a Califlower dish.) Anyways, yesterday he put some branches on top of it and while we were out running errands his mom called us and said it fell down. lol So he had to rebuild. Brad kept calling it, ‘Dads Old Testament’ all week. He asked me, ‘Mom, when dad is finished building the Old Testament, can we start on the New Testament?’ (lol) and last night AFTER Ernie rebuilt it, it fell again! Brad looked outside and said, ‘Poor dad, his Old Testament fell down again.’ It was cracking me up!! So it ended up being a 3 sided booth and I thought it was beautiful. It did fall down a few times, but the foundational sticks always stood. 🙂

I just read an interesting article about the booths and this time of year for those who celebrate this. The booth was supposed to have an roof that allowed you to see the stars. (The stars were BEAUTIFUL last night too!)

There are some GREAT articles on Sukkot if you want to learn more here.

The holiday itself celebrates the fact that as we traveled forty years in the desert, we were surrounded by God’s presence. The physical manifestation of His encompassing love and protection were the clouds that encircled us. The laws concerning the construction of the sukkah are there to provide us with the opportunity to relive the experience of feeling God’s life-force surrounding us without the distractions that blind us to Him.

By leaving the deceptive permanence of our homes, we let go of the first and most damaging illusion that blocks our inner eye from seeing God’s presence. This is the illusion that material security protects our vulnerability. But nothing material is eternal; the feeling of security and stability that comes from possessions is transient. The only enduring possession that any of us have is our essence. Still, the illusion of permanence is one that we are reluctant to surrender, because, without it, we feel as if we are abandoned to an unknowable fate.

The solid stone, bricks and mortar of our homes create the ambiance of security which is not real. The inherent impermanence of the sukkah forces us into encountering reality. But in the very impermanence of the sukkah lies its security, because here we realize we are not alone! The reality that we face does not have to terrify us.

I thought that was a timely read for all especially how our economy is freaking out. Basics. What do we really need? I found this video and thought it was so good!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyways, it was a great evening filled with hearing laughter of friends I adore, good food, conversation around the firepit and our sukkot booth that thankfully didnt fall on anyone. Thank you, Lord for being with us through our times in the wilderness, for teaching us that complete dependence on you is the only thing we really need. You are our all in all.

This is our sukkot dwelling place. I told Ernie it looked like we were going to have family pics in it, its our hillbilly backdrop. lol I actually thought it was really pretty. Good times.

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  1. Janie says:

    All of those Brad quotes are hilarious! He’s so adorable.

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