In honor of columbus day..

We discovered our toy room!! 🙂

Before.. What a mess!

Before.. What a mess! Discovering all kinds of JUNK!

After.. Much better!

After.. Much better! Now I can set sail and try to find a bedroom in this house somewhere under all the laundry I have to fold!!

I mean we cleaned and cleaned, we dumped toy boxes, bins, organized everything. And I admit, knowing I took a before pic was a good incentive so I didnt give up half way thru. But there was a toy/school room under there! 🙂 Actually its in honor of my moms visit next week. So she doesnt think we are total slobs. She wouldnt care but it sure felt good to organize that room.

Also, I didnt mention in my first blog of the day.. Today is Jans first chemo day, (which could also explain the sudden burst of nervous energy and drive to clean and organize!)  Im sure she will blog about it later. I guess she will have to have it one time every 3 weeks for 5 months. Pray that she tolerates it well and doesnt have any side effects!! I know God can make this possible for her.

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One Response to In honor of columbus day..

  1. Amy says:

    Sarah , That film of the boys and the frog , you really need to turn that into funnest home viedo’s that is so funny ..

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