Well, if you havent checked out Jans blog, you are one of the few. She has like 500+ hits in 4 days or something crazy. Its a funny blog. Shes too much.

I spent the majority of the day yesterday cleaning the old house. In a closet I found one of Ernie’s grandmas bibles. Ernie was home by this time and we were so happy. I wanted to stop everything and just look through it. But we waited until we got home.

Never know what you will find in one of her old Bibles. Cards, notes, quotes and thoughts. This one piece of paper had her handwriting all over it and said, ‘Sis Spinks sayings.”

“DO and don’t talk so much.” -Thought that was pretty fitting with my last blog. 🙂

“Acting constructively in a crisis calls for putting the next fellows need before your own.”

“When one is drowning it’s no time to teach him how to swim.”

That last one was my favorite. Everyones needs are different, and recognizing, or having the wisdom to see, everyones needs and where they are is very important.

Anyways,  I enjoyed finding this little paper and others like it in here.

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3 Responses to quotes.

  1. Janelle says:

    That last quote is awesome! I love it! It shows the human tendancy toward, “I told you so!” That is so cool you found her Bible. We have papers with her writing all over it and Aaron treats them like gold (which they are). It also made me wonder what someone would write down for “Janelle’s Sayings” Eeeeek! Might not be so inspirational. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Janelle, totally. I better go clean out my bible just in case. lol This was just one of her many Bibles, Im sure. It was another hard day so to find it tucked away in a closet, one of the last things we dug out last night was a true treasure. We save all the papers with her writing on it too. In this bible I found a card from Aaron in it, a birthday card I think and it was so sweet, he may want it. It almost brought me to tears. I miss her being so available to all of us. Willing to pray at anytime. Anyways, this comment is another blog of its own. 🙂

  3. Aaron C says:

    I do treat those papers like gold. I have found papers in Vovo’s Bible that display her love for the mercy of God, and the JUDGMENT of God! 🙂 Some have been comical.

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