holy weekend, Batman!

Well, it was a busy one.. We moved Jan into the apartment next to us on Saturday. We told her it was going to be happening and moved her on the same day. (We thought and prayed about it for a while prior to this though.) After cleaning out the old place I just had such a peace about her being with us. For chemo, through the healing time it is just such a blessing for her to be here. I can cook, clean and help without it being a burden to my family having to travel and care for 2 houses at the same time. The only thing that seperates us is a laundry room that we share. We had the whole place set up for her so she could just walk in and rest. It was crazy but we all know how moving can be and this move could not be like that. She couldnt feel stressed or chaotic. Its a very lovely place, perfect for her. There is such a peace and thankfulness for it all happening the way it has.

Not to say there hasnt been a few speed bumps but the Lord is helping us to work it all out. The boys have loved being near grandma. I have to make sure they dont bother her or leave their toys in her house. And make sure they dont watch tv non stop. 🙂 Its so funny Jan being the condition she has been in, still trying to be a little commander. I know she reads my blog but we gently tell her, ‘we got it, mom. Dont worry about it.’ And she has a 9:00 curfew, so nobody call after 9pm please. (lol)

She sees the Dr’s today, the surgeon and the Oncologist to talk about the chemo. I am going to consider getting her a care page so she can blog through it, I think she would like that. We’ll see. Anyways, thank you everyone for praying for us. And for loving us. A few friends came by during the move and seeing them just made me cry. I am so thankful once again for my people.

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3 Responses to holy weekend, Batman!

  1. Janelle says:

    We missed you guys this weekend. We are praying for you, love you so much!

  2. Dear Sarah,

    You are such a jewel….taking care of your mother-in-law! God bless you as you lovingly care for her and help her through this recovery process. Sounds like you have a fantastic relationship with her! Having her close, you can not be so stressed with worry, and yet she has space to heal, and yet you check on her at all times, keeping her encouraged.

    I’m praying for you, going through this is not easy, and I thank you for having the courage for being able to share your “mountain climbing” experience with all of us, and I pray as you reflect on this time you will see the Mighty Hand of the Lord has been with you and your family through it all!

    Much love and prayers,

    PS. This just makes me treasure my mother-in-law even more, she is so special to me.

  3. Gina says:

    That is such a blessing that she can be so close to you right now. God is walking with you all as you go through this. You are all in our prayers.

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