happy. the whole family is.

Well. Life has moved on since the youth meeting and I wanted my blog to show it. I hate when a post stays for a while, you check for something new only to be greeted by last years message. I dont think my blog will get that behind somehow.. 🙂 And from the looks of the title, apparently I am thinking a lot like Yoda these days.

Im not really knowing how much to put into my blog about cancer. I dont know if it is uncomfortable or upsetting to some people to read, if its shallow for me to be writing things on here about it, or if its shallow to be writing about other things when something so huge is in our lives now. No one I have ever known has been touched by cancer. Especially no one I have ever loved as much as I love Jan. She has meant so much to me. Made such an impression on my life. I could never do it justice to type it out on a computer.

She had some complications last night that brought her back to the ER and back into surgery. She is in the hospital again and while I was on the phone, she was saying something in the background about being bald headed from now on. So the doctor did talk to her. She got pathology reports back and all the lymph nodes they took had cancer in them. (8+ nodes) So, we are all pretty resolved to the fact that she will face Chemo. I dont know what this means for our family, but we will face it together.

Brad after school on Monday drew this on his board. I didnt get it at first but he told me, ‘Mom, the whole family is so happy!’ Then I got it. R, E, B, S with happy faces next to them. Our names! Instead of thinking he is a genius right off the bat like I rightfully should have, I admired his organizational skills. (lol and the scribbles are Reesie’s) Happy. Our whole family is. No matter what we face, we are together. And that alone brings me happiness.

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3 Responses to happy. the whole family is.

  1. Gina says:

    That is too cute. There are a lot of issues that surround the topic of cancer… I think we all have our thoughts on; but what’s most important is that no matter what condition we may be in, if you’re a child of God, that’s all that really matters. We are still praying for your family. love you

  2. Janelle says:

    That is the sweetest thing! I can’t get over how sweet that is! Kind of scares me though, I printed off a rainbow coloring page for Emily and she colored the clouds black. Is that saying something? Hope it isn’t a sign of things to come in her personality. 🙂

    Sarah, this is your spot to say what you need to. I don’t think it is shallow to talk about what’s going on. If we’re just “shiny happy people” when it really is a dark time, what good is that? Of course the Lord will hold your hand and will walk with you through this time, but what I have found to be true is that He usually does that through His people coming in and loving you. We do love you guys, and want to help in any way we can. Much love, Janelle & Aaron.

  3. Sarah says:

    I just noticed on that picture, Rees is really far away from the rest of the family. Wishful thinking on Brads part? Or is the sweet boy being passive aggressive? lol anyways thank you for the comments, guys. Love to all, Janelle is right about God showing He is with us through His people. I love my people.

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