out with you, plastic!

I have been thinking about those bright plastic bowls in the cupboard for a few months now. So today when I read a blog with a gentle reminder about them I decided its time to de-rid the house a bit. Im not an annoying ‘green’ chick. But there are a few changes I can make for the health of my family. It should be more about the Earth for me but its honestly not. (To my credit, I did used to cut the rings all up that came around 6 packs of cokes so the dolphins didnt get them stuck around their noses. Not kidding, ask my dad. So thank your lucky stars Im not annoying green chick. I could have easily gone down that road. lol)

Anyways.. plastics.. When I heat them and put food in them is it good for us? The more I hear about plastics, and the current BPA deal I get a little freaked.  So we are having a clean out the house weekend i just decided. I want to go to 2nd hand shops and get some new-to-me glass sets. Im not freaky about used glassware, you can clean it so good! This little PDF was pretty informative. I thought these little storage containers were cool and do-able. I will be grabbing some of those. And Brad has already called this silver sippy cup as his. I know he is 5 but for in the car I still like something with a lid. You can choose different lids for different ages. These grocery bags are nice. They look big and have a packet thing you keep in your glove box which is convienient. I never have done the bag thing because if its anything like my list, they will go missing upon entrance into the store..

Unrelated. I read about a group of friends that had a clothing swap. I wondered, just wondering now, if we could organize one at church who would be game. (Brenda? DeAnn?) I realize this will require some of my lurkers to step into the light. But I really think we could do it and it would be great. All ages all sizes deal. I will research it more, how to do these and what works. I know the youth meeting is coming up and everyone is crazy busy but I thought 2 a year would be awesome. Winter and Summer. So winter would be coming up soon. Maybe October-ish? Everything would be free, of course. And extra will go to the Hope Center as donations, where it was headed anyways. Instead of donating it right away, we could see if our friends needed it first. (?)

I guess too, if there were huge lots leftover I could do some eBay magic and donate it to the co-op? Thinking outloud here. Any thoughts?

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One Response to out with you, plastic!

  1. Gina says:

    That’s so awesome that you’re getting rid of your plastics! My mom has been trying to get me to get rid of all their plastic toys too for a long time. That’s the 2nd time someone posted that pdf about the plastics today… guess I need to get on the ball. We stopped using plastic dishes for the kids a while ago and need to switch their glasses over too. I had read an article that told of household plants that you can keep that will filter the air for you, on an aside here… I wanted to get more plants (I have like one in every room, haha) because I know they clean up the air, but there are ones that specifically do more than others. So that would help with all the other toxin-emitting items in a household. I was going to make grocery bags out of all the extra material and clothes we have – and I need a TON for when I go shopping:) Ok, this is turning into a blog… oh and good for you not being a “go green” – I am all for health, but the planet to me is our job over the 1000 years after His return.

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