Ok, we just got home from the 2nd long day in the hospital. Ernie was there around 8am to meet the dr she said she would be there early. She got there at 1pm. lol Oh well, we got to hang out. The length of waiting caused him to miss work which I was thrilled about. šŸ™‚ I love to be with him on any occasion, even in the hospital. Jan is doing much better. Poor thing. The Dr told her about the lymph nodes. We hadnt told her, because we had no answers, so we waited on the Dr to let her know. She was geting antsy to know though. But the next 5 days are going to be torture. I want to know what pathology reports say.

So, I knitted. We ate at Five Guys hamburger place. yum. We got lost on the way home, we got lost a lot the last few days, which I credit to my poor husband being stressed and worried. Its been pretty good though I had one pretty major breakdown last night.. But today has been better. I think it was because leaving Jan last night was horrible, she was out of her mind in pain and coming out of the anesthesia. She is hilarious though. She doesnt want Chemo because she doesnt want to throw up. And she didnt want to get the mastectomies because she didnt want an IV. Its just how we are, our minds fixate on something and we have fear of it. Then we go through it and see its not always as bad as we thought.

So for right now its day by day. And ‘Dont worry until we have something to worry about.’ I love that Dr Davidson told me that once on one of my many worries to him during my pregnancy with Rees. Anyways, we are completely burnt out and will be just hanging out at home tonight. Thank everyone for praying and loving us so much. For everyone that came to the waiting room with us, it helped pass the time so much more quickly.It meant a lot to us.

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4 Responses to home.

  1. Travis says:

    We are praying here at my house! We love you guys. I know what you are going through. Keep the faith. He will provide. 2 Thes. 3:16.

    On a completely other random note, you need to hear Julie sing JJ Heller’s “Only love remains”. It is amazing. She is hopefully singing it at the meeting. I think I like it more than the original.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Travis. What a perfect verse.
    I just posted a video of that song. Look forward to hearing Julie sing it, I LOVE JJ Heller.

  3. jodi says:


    I didn’t even know about Janice until I read it on your blog! I am so sorry. Glad to hear she is doing ok. Like Trav said, we know what you’re going thru. If you need anything at all please let us know. We’ll have to send some dinners your way (can i steal your own recipes from your blog?) You’re all in our prayers! love you guys

  4. Gina says:

    We are praying for your family… God is faithful and I know that you all are in Good Hands:) Love you

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