We went to the Hope Center today in honor of Frugal Friday and in honor of finally feeling a little better!

Brad got these glasses (lol) and a pouch that says ‘Rock City’ on it. I told him the pouch was like David’s and he was so excited. I can tell he is naturally inclined to the style of the 1970’s.  Whenever he picks out something to wear on his own, I faintly hear disco music in the background. He is right now washing the pouch. Because Rees got his feet on it. Oh boy, he is so persnickety.I hate to tell him its from the Hope Center and has probably been in worse places then his brothers clean feet. lol

Rees got an awesome Luke action figure for 50 cents and I got 2 books. ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’ by Thomas Moore (? looked worth checking out) and ‘Praying God’s Word’ by Beth Moore. So it’ll be a ‘Moore’ weekend of reading. Hopefully I will get ‘more’ out of life after reading them. Ok, enough.

I had to get this mug too for 50 cents. It was just too good. I will drink my coffee out of it every morning from this day forward.  🙂

We had a really good day of school today after 3 consecutive days of mediocre school. Brad ‘got’ a lot today.  I think he partially speaks the love language of positive affirmation (i think we all sort of do, who likes to hear the opposite?) which I need to write on the dry erase board to remember during the school day. He does so much better when he is encouraged instead of feeling like Im going to be disapointed in him if he gets something wrong. He is so hard on himself!! Also, I have noticed he writes about everything backwards. Anyone else notice this as they first taught their kids? After he ‘gets’ it he seems to only do it sporatically. But until he ‘gets’ it, its all backwards.

I found out today the Library is starting up story time for 4-5 year old kids on Wednesdays at 10:30.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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3 Responses to Friday

  1. Gina says:

    It’s totally natural for them to write backwards when they’re first starting. (Caleb still writes his “d” and “b” backwards occasionally and he’s almost 7.)

    And I love your mug… I need one.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ernie read my blog and asked, “Wouldnt it have been a better frugal friday if you didnt go to the Hope Center and shop?” He sees the money I spent, I see the money I saved. Go figure. Still, real funny comment.


    Hi honey, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    Hey I still write backwards when I”m tired and that is all the time! LOL Really don’t worry I think that is a natural process for the brain and he will start to figure it out the more he writes and the more he works at his work and starts to reconize words it will all start to click.
    Love you,
    Hope that is day is the best day, you are now starting a new chapter in your life and it’s going to be the best! You are in God’s favor and right where he want’s you to be!
    I love you.
    MOM 🙂

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