So the Spidey costume is still a permanent piece of Rees’ wardrobe. Puts it on right when he wakes and wont take it off even for a bath! (I make him) I must say, this freaks me out a little when he puts a shirt on over it.

We went to Six Flags on Saturday it was really a fun day as a parent of a 3 and 5 year old. Watching them makes it really enjoyable. I had read online the waterpark was closed so I was happy about that and it sealed the deal on us going, really. In my mind I was breathing a sigh of relief on swerving around the people-have-no-tact-in-the-bathing-suits-they-choose conversation with Brad. 🙂 Needless to say, we got there and the water park was open. Yippee! (sarcasm) The funnest part for me was the ride up and back with our friends.

It is pretty much a carnival on steroids, this park is. Ernie and I rode on Chang and I realized we are just getting older. There’s no way around it. I felt like I was going to barf and was so sad because I had an instant headache from my head being banged around. Even as soon as 5 years ago, on a day with NO lines I would have been so happy. Riding the thing over and over. Once almost ruined my day.

Speaking of ruining the day, at the end of the day we decided ok, we can do the ferris wheel. The huge scary ferris wheel there that thankfully doesnt look like its put together by carnival workers. In line, Rees is climbing and then my life sort of goes in slow motion from there. He climbs up on the bar, I resist nagging at him to get down for the bazillionth time that day, he’s a boy, right? Well who knew he had planned on putting his leg over the bar! Then doing what I call a ‘Mary Lou Renton’ -twirling down. But he faceplants into the bar and then my world picks back up in real-time. I ran over to him and thought his nose was broken. He was bleeding and then I saw his mouth. Front 2 teeth chipped pretty badly. I wanted to throw up.

My grieving over Rees’ perfect little baby teeth is almost over. It could have been a lot worse.  So for now we have a real life shark boy. Or snaggle tooth, whatever you want to call him. We go this afternoon to see what the dentist has to say..

It was a fun and busy week, the boys last night were absolutely toast. Our company left this morning. But we had some really good talks with them and really enjoyed it. I posted pics on my flickr account of the weekend too. Good times.

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One Response to Weekend

  1. Sarah says:

    Good news! Spideys tooth is just fine! They had to saw it down a little bit but she said not to worry. That there is a lot of enamel on baby teeth. That it was like the Lord knew babies would be falling a lot so he made their teeth like that. Still a bummer, but no caps, no pulling, no xrays. Nothing further needed. Double yeay! says mom.

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