Is the consigment sale on Calista road. Its a pretty good one. I stopped by yesterday and found a new spidey suit for Rees-$4! (theyre ending for $20+ on eBay!) He has worn it since and keeps saying, ‘mom i love this!’ Its adorable. He wore out his last one, tears, zipper stopped working and everything. So anyways tomorrow is half price day from 9-12. I like this one because its so close! Its a smaller one but in town is really nice.

Also tomorrow is half price day at Goodwill. Everything at every Goodwill in Tennessee is half-price. And they had some great stuff this week in Rivergate for kids. They open at 9 though, I would be there early.

We are going to Six Flags, Kentucky Kingdom tomorrow with the kids, have had it planned for about a month. Actually theres a few people going with us. Its Dell Day. They closed the park down for Dell Employees only.  Free food and drinks all day too! We have had colds all week but are feeling a little better and are looking forward to going and having fun with the kids.

I am bummed, to be missing DeAnns coupon class tomorrow night at church!! I hope theres a big turn out, she really is good at it. DeAnn, I still want to learn it. You need a blog!

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2 Responses to Today.

  1. Don’t you just love finding a bargain?! Sis. Joann Moel from Louisville sparked my interest in consignment/goodwill stores the last time I visited her. I had a blast going with her, it is a good thing that I live in another country and I’m resticted through luggage regulations or I would of bought so many fun, cheap, cool, one of a kind things! I like finding do-dads, or “bits and bobs”, “brick-a-brack” (as they say here in England) for decorating. So when I can I’m going to check out charity stores, vintage stores, and second hand ones here in the UK. When you can come 🙂 we can check it out! Yes, that is a HUGE invite!!!

    Hope you had a great time at the Amusement Park, missed you blogging, I really enjoy reading your stuff, and I’m so impressed you can write so often. You must not sleep!


  2. Sarah says:

    Bridget- I just have no life. lol I look forward to thrift store shopping with you someday looking for brick-a-brack. (love that!) We did have a good time yesterday, besides Rees breaking his front tooth. Stay tuned for that post. 🙂 Have a good day- S

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