quite to the point.

I am checking out another old, smelly book Ernie found from somewhere.. 🙂 In it, I found this quote that was pretty to the point and I sometimes like things like that. I hate when I read something and have to re read it, google words in it, break out a thesaurus and dictionary or three. Or when I have to think, now what is this person really trying to say and why dont they just say it? Anyways, onto the point of this blog..

“No one likes to be called an idiot. The word has an interesting history. In Greece in the fifth century BC, a person who had possessions that he used only for himself and not for the common good was called an idiot. He was a private or seperate person, aloof from society. In a world dreaming of peace and community. Don’t be an idiot.” 

Floyd Shacklock- ‘This revolutionary Faith

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One Response to quite to the point.

  1. Janelle says:

    Point taken!

    The thought is coming full circle from your blog about our part of the picture. We can go from thinking EVERYONE needs to be doing what we are doing, and trying to convince them of it, to saying forget it all, I’m headed to the woods! The bottom line is we are each unique individual children of God, yet we fit together hopefully to His glory. Very good quote.

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