Well, I have had a very busy last 4 days. My weekend actually started Thursday night when we went to Las Maracas for dinner. Ernie took Friday off for a nice 4 day weekend. Friday morning I woke up at 4am sick. This isnt the first time I have felt like this after eating there for dinner. Like the food is sitting there just smothering my heart and wont digest. So I just got up for my day and got coffee. Eventually I felt sorta ok enough and thought I would still go on to my exercise class. Thinking maybe it will help. (what is wrong with me and that sentence? I feel like Im dying, lets go exercise..)

By 2pm I ended up at the Chiropractors office in Hendersonville thinking my rib was out. It wasnt. He asked me, what did you eat last night? I told him. Also told him I ate 4 Tums for breakfast.. He was thinking it was my stomach and that I could have had a Hiatial Hernia. (which I guess is when your stomach gets irritated and moves into your espohagus) So he did this move on me pushing my stomach back into place (ow). All that night I was in horrible pain, chest pain, and couldnt barely breathe..

Finally I woke up Sunday so much better, still sore but ok. So, we went to the convention center together. Im still afraid to eat but at least Im not in pain. I fasted for 2 days to give my stomach a rest, which maybe helped-(and lost 3 lbs!) I drank smoothies and ate crackers. By the way, Starbucks new smoothie drinks, Viviannos or whatever- dont buy them. I bought one early Sunday and then the other kind they had later in the day. They were both horribly bad. The kind of bad that crinkles your face after you taste it. Even more so when you think, ‘I just spent 4 bucks on this.’

Anyways, I go back tomorrow for a recheck but I am so glad its over. I told Ernie on Friday, ‘Babe, today may be the day I die.’ Oh the drama.

I don’t know why that story was 4 paragraphs long. sorry. Convention center service was good, we only really got to hear Bro Issac and he talked really well. Driving up for one day is insanely tiring, we got home at 2:30am. It was nice to see lots of our friends and to hang out a bit with the Hall family. We love them. Andrew came to spend some time in Cross Plains for the week, so hopefully it will be a good time for him rich in the spirit. Its late and I have insomnia. Gosh, hernias and Insomnia. I sound like Im getting old or something. Arent you glad this blog is over? 🙂

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3 Responses to Weekend

  1. Tina says:

    Interesting how NOTHING in this long drawn out excuse for a post is there anything about you good friend Tina who drove all the way from Illinois ON HER BIRTHDAY just to see you on Saturday but you were too busy sitting at home getting your stomach pushed out of your esophagus.

    Interesting how NOTHING in this post tells how Tina left Sunday morning very said and depressed only to find out that YOU were on your way to the Convention Center at the very same time that I was leaving.



  2. Colleen says:


    I feel sooooooo connected. I ate pancakes and sausage last night at Cracker Barrel and was sick all night. I don’t even know what possessed me to do that. I was still so sick this morning that I had Julie take Zach to school and I couldn’t even go to the gym and walk. You know I have to be sick to miss out on that:) You were quite the trooper comming to class and all on Friday. Well I’m glad you’re feeling better. I think a fast or light diet today will be good for me. And I do hate to tell you this but getting sick after eating and insomnia are signs of old age. LOL LOL

  3. Sarah,

    I hope you are better! Fasting is good, it helps get those bad toxins out of our body, those that we crave and just can’t live without….like for me caffeine, chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, this list could go on foreverrrrrrrr….not to mention, yummy spicy food! UGGH I hope that did not make you clench with a bad face!! Funny about those $4 Starbucks drinks, anything that is suppose to be “good for you”, is definitely going to taste yucky! Except for Gina’s all natural stuff, I have to admit, she is on to something! 🙂

    Get well I’m praying for you….

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