im not knitting that.

So I was looking online for knitting this week. I found this one site that had hideous knitting projects. I was laughing so hard after reading it, that I was crying. So this morning after getting lion brands newest newsletter in my inbox, I checked out their patterns to see if anything looked good to knit and saw a lot of potential funny items to post. Here is my own hideous knits blog.

The first one isnt so bad I guess. If you live in the Arctic. The second one is the winner of the day and gives me anxiety. What is it? A blanket? a scarf? Whatever it is, its making me take a deep breath when I look at it. Pic #3 is made with a yarn called ‘fun fur’ but it doesnt look very fun. Actually it looks like it could give you an asthma attack.

The first one here is more scary scarf-things. The second one is called a sweater blanket. Its just creepy. Theres not really words to describe the 3rd one. Even a thin model (no matter how much fun it looks like she is having with it) shouldnt be wearing this dress. Dresses shouldnt be made out of yarn. In fact, the words sweater and dresses should never, ever go together. (IMO) Maybe I will make it for Chrissy for Christmas for throwing scary elf (lame family joke) away.

I guess legwarmers are back in style but only if you wear them with fuschia high heels.. (eeek!) The hat looks like a cat is napping on her head, she could be thinking, ‘are you serious? ‘And more fun fur in pic #3.  If I knit this for me I wouldnt look like Audrey Hepburn, more like a football player.

Ending with a yarn sandwich. Seriously. I neglected my family to knit a yarn sandwich. My husband would divorce me.

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6 Responses to im not knitting that.

  1. Janelle says:

    OMG!!! That middle picture in the first row looks like she’s being attacked by a boa constrictor! And the middle one in the second row looks like Cousin IT from the Adams’ family. But if you could sell those yummy yarn sandwiches, your husband might not be too upset. 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    OMG, I AM ROTFLMHO!!!!! The fur looking ones broke me out just looking at them. I really want the dress tho. I think I would be stunning in it. I also think you should make one of these for Chrissy to replace freaky elf for Christmas. I am laughing so hard I can’t hardly type. You are hilarious!!!!

  3. Gina says:

    LOL! I can’t believe people spent time making those! hahahahaa

  4. Hey Sarah, I wanted you to knit me something….now I know where to go to for idea’s. LOL!!!

  5. Travis says:

    Maybe you could knit a sweater dress. I’ll give it to my cousin from my grandma as payback for not stopping her from buying the dog sweater.

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