Holy Hope

If you have ever been up with Ernie late at night or been around him when he is punchy you may have luckily (or unluckily) experienced one of his funny songs. He once made a song about a ‘snot rag’ that had us all laughing so hard we couldnt breathe. He makes songs up all the time. It was so funny once to see him do it in front of Neal-what blaspheme to a musician! Too funny. maybe Ernie missed his calling to write silly songs in Veggie Tales or something, I dont know. He seriously could have written ‘Cheeseburger.’

So I have set the scene to say that the mantle has passed. Brad does it too. Brad has quite a sense of humor about him that maybe I just appreciate because I am his mom but still he cracks me up. Tonight he had a more serious side of a song.

He started by asking me what ‘hope’ was.

What it meant. I felt the weight of the moment on my shoulders as I tried to describe it – I told him it was something you Hope for. (Dont you hate when you define a word with the word?) I told him it was like, something out in the future, something you reach for, something you believe in. I probably bombed on the entire issue and need to say, wait! so I can google things first.

Anyways, he starts singing a song he made up as Im cleaning up the bedroom before they go to bed. its called Holy Hope. In it he talked about Jesus being his friend and his Holy Hope. He says he wants to sing it in church and I encouraged him to.. someday.. I told him to ask the Lord to help him write a song unto Him from his own little heart. That He would give him even the words to worship Him with.

I remember Ernie’s Grandma (Vovo) telling us as she first held Brad that he would be her musician. I laughed but he has been so interested in music since he was born. He was abnormally obsessed with Val and the tuba for the first 2 years of his life, almost having a little heart attack when we visited Sikeston and saw Jeremiah on the white tuba-theres a WHITE tuba?? Then he would get mad at people if they were playing the guitar, asking them to stop because they werent Neal. He calls Todd ‘drums.’ He can tell on a cd we have that bro Curt is the one playing the clarinet. And he loves Jason Upton. (thats my boy!) Music is a big huge part of our lives and its always, always on. Maybe some of the words of some of the songs will seep in and touch his little heart.

I pray it always stays tender and hangs onto the ‘Holy Hope.’

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One Response to Holy Hope

  1. Gina says:

    Go Brad:) We can always use some original HG inspired songs!That’s awesome he likes the tuba so much… when we first moved to DM, Isaiah and Caleb would pick up their church bags and pretend they were “horns” and “play” them during song service. It used to crack me up… guess they start somewhere, right?

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