The one in front of you-

We watched this documentary last night on Heidi Baker and her work in Mozambique, Africa. (Did I spell that right? wow!) At first I was leery of her, I have heard some comps that were downright weird and she happened to be on them. But all I can say is, wow!! It was incredible. While her work doesn’t glamorize being a missionary (at ALL) it does show her fruit and that the Lord indeed equips the ones He calls.

She and her family have started schools, and clinics. Serving orphans, prostitutes and street children. (all children actually..) All the children in her area call her, ‘Mama Heidi.’ She holds services at the dump there because thats where people are, thats where they get their food. She has had children test positive for HIV then only to later test negative. She also has an amazing story of a cholera outbreak and what the Lord did for them there. I would encourage anyone to check it out here. Although, if you have Netflix, you can watch it for free in the on demand part- (what we did.)

She ends it by talking about a time when she had complete burnout. As you can imagine, the need greatly outweighs the supply and she had overdone it. She has pneumonia, was tired, worn out and sick. She was feeling a bit defeated too and prayed to the Lord, ‘how can I ever do this? there are thousands of children that need me, that need our help.’ She felt Him so gently reply to her, ‘I didnt ask you to save 10,000.’ She felt her answer and this is sort of her mission statement- ‘I asked you to love the one that is in front of you.’ (!!)

It was so interesting to watch her in action. She does believe and live by this. She would hold and love up the child in front of her, while 25 others tried to get her attention. You can tell the children feel special in her presence.

It just touched me so much, in the times we are in right now things seem to be filled with such heavy topics. Such doctrine, such theology. I loved to get something so simple, sweet and pure, something easy for me to digest. God help me to love the ones in front of me. Then they can go love the ones in front of them. THATS how the gospel will spread. Thats how I feel like Jesus wants me to operate. I will never have a coliseum filled with people waiting to hear me speak. But I do come in contact with many a broken people that need love. THAT much I can do. I can love them.

Help me, Lord to love them. Send them to us-to love.

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3 Responses to The one in front of you-

  1. Gina says:

    awesome… What a great response – I didn’t ask you to save the 10,000. Talk about putting things in perspective. That is really awesome. Thanks for the review… esp if it’s in Netflix:) Now we have something else to check out.

  2. Aaron C says:

    Great blog Sarah. I think your last paragraph is right on. All though doctrine/theology is important, there can be an emphasis that results in a dryness. I’m convicted to live out the gospel, and to bring relief where I can.

  3. Janelle says:

    Wow, that is awesome. I know I get so preoccupied with the big things and all my short comings and not realize that He can be glorified here and now by each decision I make. All I can say is, wow! What a principle to keep in mind.

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