I havent been blogging lately. Its been a busy week! Tina came in town to visit for the 4th which was fun to spend time with her. Although she got to see what my boring life entails. Knitting, movies and pajamas mostly. 🙂 oh ya, and Goodwill. Forget about doing anything when you are with me on a half price day. We had Shea from Sikeston in town too, he stayed with us, my boys love him. We all went to Bowling Green for church Saturday night and it was a great service. (as usual!) I know i say it every time we go, but man, i love those people! I got particularly blessed when they sang “lean on me.” Plus, if you go to Bowling Green you HAVE to go to this mexican restaurant, its across from TJMAXX I forgot what it was called but its so good. Its gourmet and the guacamole/salsa is incredible. We ate there Saturday and Im still full from it.

Sunday was great too, and Sunday night we got to play the first game of volleyball of the year for me. I am so rusty but it is so much fun. Its now Tuesday and I swear my feet are still tinged by that dirt, its so hard to get off!

Tina’s camera has all the pics from the weekend on it so when I get them I will post some. The slip and slide was so fun at the park, the kids were so cute on it.

I found these links below and thought I would post them some ideas are really cool and we’ll be using them.

This link, you can send your old shoes to Africa to children who run, or are athletes in training that have no shoes.


The Lions Club- you can donate your old eyeglasses to this organization. I know this works- when I used to work at an eye doctors office, low income people would come in with vouchers for free exams/glasses. I know of at least 5 pairs I have right now that need to be donated!


This place you can send your old ‘Technotrash’ I know we have 3 boxes of this stuff in the garage that needs to be sent. You cant just throw computer parts/etc in the trash this place has a good recycling program. I will be looking into this one for sure.


This company has a good thing going. Toothbrushes, disposable razors, cartridges, tongue cleaners and flossers too. If you save them, send them in they will recycle them. Actually more than just that. They have a partnership with Stonyfield Organic Farms and will use all recycled plastic from their facilities, turning them into recycled (plastic toothbrush handles) toothbrushes! How very cool. You send them your old junk too and it all goes into making these toothbrushes. Keeping all that plastic out of landfills. I think I threw away 3 toothbrushes just this week. Their toothbrushes are cheap too so you can send them your old ones and buy new ones from them- Also, they send you postage paid packing slips for your old stuff. How easy. Click on recycling information at the top right. Target sells their stuff so does Whole foods.


Anyways, hope everyone has a good day. Ernie took the rest of the week off!! We are so excited. To have time off and not have anything planned! Be back later with pics hopefully of some finished projects!

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One Response to Tidbits

  1. Tina says:

    Hey, I zipped the pics to send you and the file was still 114 MB big. So, I am copying them to a CD and will mail to you tomorrow. All of the playing around we did with the camera trying to fix the “delay” after we took the pic somehow changed the pic size to like 1 and 2 MB each. The ones we took earlier are small/normal size. So, something we did changed it. N-E-way…. check your PO Box next week.


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