Deconstructing Denim

I learned how to use my sewing machine! I spent a day and a half on this, but still I have looked for a decent denim skirt for that long, and when I found one it wasnt even half as cool as this one.

Found the Gap jeans at goodwill, $3.00- I wanted a cool wash and a stretchy denim. I love Gap’s denim. I found another skirt in a print I liked, thats the red print one, for the panel. The front panel I just used the legs that I cut off of the jeans and sewed them into strips. I imagine this is how you quilt. It all make pretty good sense to me in my head and it came out perfectlY! Its not a perfect skirt, I didnt want it to be.

I still need to make a few hems with red thread and it will look more finished. I am not a fan of fringe. Its so cute! I had Brad take some pics with it on me-no head I said.. He is my little photo stylist. Im not thrilled with the pic (‘Tell, em’ Large Marge sent ya’ comes to mind.) but it shows how it fits.

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4 Responses to Deconstructing Denim

  1. Gina says:

    HURRAY! good job πŸ™‚ It’s so rewarding to wear something you created! I am reading up on making my own cloth napkins, placemats, and cloth “paper” towels:) I am tired of buying paper everything and I want to see my table instead of a table cloth… anyways…

    I had a great time hanging out with you (the little time we got). You all will just have to make a trip up here and stay with us for a week. Then we will really get some time together. Let me know where you got that pattern for baby leg warmers, I am thinking I will have to learn to knit this winter;) Love and miss you guys already!!!

  2. Tina says:

    Jacklynn said you did pretty good! She is the seamstress in this family. LOL. She wants to go to Goodwill now and buy some bluejeans. GOOD JOB! **HIGH FIVE**

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks, guys! Well, it is cheaper way to buy jean skirts. You can at least get a cool denim that you like, light or dark. Instead of buying whatever happens to be in season which is sometimes l-a-m-e. Google it, Tina and Jacklynn could totally do it. If I can. Anyone can. Hers would be so cuter too. Cant wait to see you tomorrow! High-Five

    Gina, I love cloth paper towels. I buy the bar-mop towels though at wal-mart and we use them as napkins. Do they sell the diaper cotton material by the yard? I am so thankful for the internet. Just about anything you could want to make has a website with such helpful info on it. Post pics of what you make too. You inspire me with your matching outfits- I just need daughters for that.. πŸ™‚

  4. bellissimanh says:

    How cool is that?? I love it! Great job, Sarah!

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