Say hello to my little friend.

Meet Big Green. Or Grande Verde. However you say it, its done. Off the knitting needles. Im pretty pleased with it, since it is my first blanket. The yarn I used is very light so it is a good summer blanket. But its pretty fragile looking. Im a little afraid of it being tossed in a washing machine. Probably needs to be hand washed and dried on air fluff cycle of the dryer. Few spots in it that bum me out but oh well.

It is going to go to Ernie’s cousin, Tami. This was originally for her (I just didnt have it done by her shower) and she is having a boy in the summer so it will be good for him. So long, Grande Verde. Cant wait to get started on the next one. Its a more sturdy yarn in a funky fuschia color.

Also, my first Cosmo bloomed! Here are a few pics of the garden. We are weeding tonight and working in it, so hopefully soon I will have a more groomed garden to show. 🙂 First pic is Cosmos, Second is our huge row of sunflowers that I placed rather thoughtlessly there when planning the garden. They seem to hog all the sunlight and the row of peas next to them are puny. The next pic is a cool wooden tressil thing Ernie made for the peas to climb. The next pic is them climbing! The garden seems to have a mind of its own, knows what to do, we wrapped NO vines around anything, they found them on their own. God is so good, even in nature. The final pic is our little cutecumbers (how do you spell that?) Its so neat to see this garden grow.

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6 Responses to Say hello to my little friend.

  1. Chrissy says:

    Sarah, The blanket turned out so gorgeous!! That is a huge accomplishment!! Tami will love it!

  2. bellissimanh says:

    I love it! I was just thinking today that it’s time to find another knitting project. I finished a blanket I was working on for a friend and now my fingers are itching to pick up something new. Hmmmm… gotta think on that some.

    The garden is lovely! Isn’t God wonderful… the way He cares for even the flowers of the field… how much more He cares about us! Hallelujah, our God is an awesome God!


  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks guys! I wanted to add this link. For new knitters, its a GREAT tool if you get stuck on a pattern.

    It shows how to do any of the stitches I have had trouble with, there are a lot of abbreviations for stitches that you may not know. If you check out YouTube, its probably a step by step on there that you can check out. Sweet!

  4. Gina says:

    I love the blanket! Good for you! And hurray for your plants:) It is so nice to have your own garden. btw, thanks for checking in on us the other day. It’s always encouraging to know that someone is thinking of you:) love you guys

  5. Jan says:

    Big Green is beautiful. wow… you are good chickie boom! I’m still just knitting one straight blanket no pearls no diamonds, just knitting. My chrissy gave me a good project.
    love you the garden is lovely. all though if I have my druthers, I ‘ll just go buy some veggies next summer. I’m not garndening, but…. wouldn’t want to either. creepy amazon jungle like atmosphere out there, tooo buggy and sanke ridden for me …. veggies, flowers… aren’t worth it for the lousy summer weather. all though these past few days are lovely reminds me of totally southern california weather. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “home”
    love you Jan Love the psalm too and the “big room” yes yes yes… yes yes yes… Imagine? Jason Upton? making such a moving , spirit filled song, with that one little word, “yes” I listen to his album every day. over and over some days. I love him, it, and the Lord . and you all. love Jan

  6. Jan says:

    i meant SNAKE… RIDDEN , NOT “SANKE” RIDDEN. : )

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