I found this guy’s artwork online and instantly fell in love with it. Check it out here. I think this is my 10th blog today or something. Can you tell I am stuck inside? Usually I wouldn’t mind but I have been inside a lot lately to begin with. I should have titled this blog, 12:00 update. lol Update on Rees… Nothing. He is rambunctious as ever and has the exact same Rash as he had on Sunday. Chicken pox for sure? who knows..

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2 Responses to Art

  1. touchofglory says:

    Hi there! I’m glad you stopped by my blog today. Funny – I visited your blog through a link on Heather’s last night! Visit again soon!

  2. crysta. says:

    I can not beleive it is chicken pox I guess im not real good with rashes, we dont see chicken pox much any more. Will you and Ernie pray I get to work the rest of the week I have been cancelled 2 days in arow and wanted to go to campmeeting Love you guys, I hope Rees feels better Crystal

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