The Bandit

Well I heard something early this morning, as I was on the couch drinking coffee. And this noise startled me. It was a banging outside and I got up to lock the door. I heard it again and the security light went on outside. It was still dark so I got up to see what it was. I hate scenes like this, like I am 3rd person in a horror film or something. ‘Dont go to the window!’ Anyways, it was a raccoon trying to get into our trash!

For weeks now I wake, go outside and pick up the trash all over the place. All the while in my mind cursing the wild dogs that did it. It was this little guy all along. It was a cute little thing. A fat little one. I almost wanted to feed it. I considered making it a pet until Ernie told me the cute little diseased thing could gnaw off my arm. Still, in the picture he seemed to be saying, “Cheese!” Maybe that was, “Where’s the cheese?” Who knows. But he sure is cute.

Also, we have the first fruits from our garden!! Its a radish. I think we plant radishes because they grow so quickly. Because I really do not know what to do with a radish. They are just fun to pick. My sunflowers are coming up nicely.

I want to learn how to preserve tomatoes properly. I was thinking of even making salsa and canning it so we’ll have it fresh all winter. But I guess I need to look up how to do this BEFORE we have tomatoes coming out of our ears and waste them. Just blogging tonight to blog. I thought the raccoon was cute and I was mighty proud of our radish.

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2 Responses to The Bandit

  1. Jan says:

    Superior radish!!! way to go my little gardners!
    Cute racoon indeed, but a real real varmit. and they can carry rabies.
    wilderness U.S.A. that’s all I know. Love your loving encouraging blog, “to have hope when it’s hopelessness one feels”… whew… I’m paraphrasing but I read that on your blog, and that jumped out at me. Even when you feel you do not have one shred of hope, the Lord is nigh. What a good God. Sustaining , merciful God. love you always Jan

  2. Colleen says:

    Before you do anything with those tomatoes, ask my mom about the time she(I think it was her and Bonnie Massie)made homemade ketchup. LOL LOL LOL

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