Have you been looking for Alexander the Grape?

We have. I found out this weekend that Rite-Aid carries Otter Pops. Not an imitation watered down version. The real thing. (sorry, Flav-oraide, but you just dont cut it.) Ernie and I were just looking online to find someone that would ship us a box but they were over $20.. These were $2.99 I think for a box of 100-just in time for summer. They just remind me of being young, eating them in the summertime, hot and sticky. My boys dont like the sticky part. They wont even eat them without a paper towel wrapped around them. Anyways, the woman at rite aid said they have been hearing they carry a lot of things that you can only find in California. I think Thrifty bought them or something. Now if we could only get the scoop ice-cream. Bring on the Chocolate Malt Ball Crunch.. 🙂

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2 Responses to Have you been looking for Alexander the Grape?

  1. Jannelle Green says:

    Oh Sarah,
    These totally remind me of a HOT summer day sitting by the swimming pool with my sisters. My family never had air conditioning so we NEEDED our Otter Pops!!! Do you remember the little jugs of Otter Juice?? Those were a great reminder in the winter time. LOL
    Just about made me cry reading the heading about Alexander the Grape. (I’m sure it’s hormones!!) LOL We will be leaving for Rite Aid in about 20 mins. LOL 🙂

  2. allisonsjourney says:

    Rite Aid, here I come. And I thought that I didn’t need the Rite Aid gift cards. Total childhood memory.

    BTW – Chocolate Malt Ball Crunch was my absolute favorite!! There is nothing like Thrifty’s ice cream. Too bad it isn’t the same now.

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