So I was just sitting around her wondering what I could be controversial about today. (lol) just kidding, gosh! Normal life stuff here..

Today is the 1st Saturday of the month so its Goodwill day! I should have posted that on Frugal Friday but I forgot. Ernie is going to hang out with the guys and hopefully will take Brad. Me and my Reesie will go bargain hunt.

Brad has been obsessed with Denny and Sue’s dogs. (Brother Sue’s dogs he calls them lol) One of them just had puppies and he keeps bringing them down and taking ‘care’ of them. It really is adorable and wish he could keep one, he is at a good dog age. But I tell him we need a house for him to have a dog. So until then, he wakes up and puts his rain boots on. He goes up and one by one brings them down. At one time I had 4 puppies on my couch. (omg) But after I pulled a tick off of his tummy and one pooped on his storm trooper, he didnt want much to do with them anymore. At least for half an hour. He wraps them up in a kitchen towl and holds them. Hugging them saying, I will take care of you and train you. Its really cute. Oh, Rees calls ticks, ‘tickets’ and he keeps checking all of our tummies for them. These boys.. They make my life so much better.

They also caught caterpillars with their new bug guns from Auntie Chrissy. They put them into this little screen habitat we have. We looked up cocoons online and Rees said, THAT makes a butterfly? It was so cute. So one actually made a cocoon! I hope it isnt dead. Poor things-they probably hurried up to make the cocoon to hide from us.

Also, our garden is sprouting! My sunflowers are the most hearty ones so far but we definitely have beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, radishes, carrots and an herb garden sprouting. I will post pics as they grow, its pretty exciting stuff!

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2 Responses to Saturday

  1. wilorator says:

    brother sue???? shouldn’t it be sister sue? well there kids 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    These boys makes all our lives so happier! Bradley’s pic here, holding the puppy reminds me of Christopher Robin. From Pooh’s 100 acre wood! I’d have to draw the line too, if one pooped on my storm trooper! Poor Bradley! I’m so glad Rees will be on the watch for a ticket on anyone’s tummy!
    Tics! ugh. I so often wish Tennessee wasn’t such a wild wilderness. How did anyone survive in this state in the early 1800 and 1900’s… and I’m sure, Brother Sue, doesn’t mind one bit being called “Brother Sue” …. and I think you are right, love, the cocoon happened to hide. : ) How I love you each one, my Flowers! I hope the dogs get spayed. so no more pups are brought forth. Finding good homes in this state is a feat in itself for pups. ditto for kittens. The animal lover grandmama.. Jan kisses to the boys! My little angels. My and Ampie’s little angels… our A,B,C, AND R…. The garden is terrific! good job Daddy and Mommy and boys!

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