Well, I want to blog today so I don’t stop blogging. I love it and love that I have a place to put things that are on my mind and heart. Some things we may not agree with but that doesn’t mean we stop loving each other over it or write each other off. Talking about things is good. Being together is good. Loving each other is good.

I don’t have the same walk as any of my friends. My path to getting here has been a different, but valuable one. When I see dressing, talking and listening to the same music that led me astray when I was a teen. I just feel like I should be open about the dangers of it. A ‘peculiar’ people doesnt mean a weird people. It means a set apart people, a rare people. Something different. I am longing to find that something different. I want my pride and ego cast off of myself. The wanting to be cool, I want it gone. I want Jesus. Undiluted pure Jesus.

One young man, our friend came over last night to talk to Ernie and I about how they have effected him and I shouldn’t write them off. He is right. My intention isn’t to cast final judgment on these people, WHO am I? But if a certain music brings up feelings that make you want to crowd surf and run into a mosh-pit. You may want to look for another kind of favorite music. We ended up talking for 5 hours with this young man and praying the sweetest prayer that could roll of the biggest of burdens from you.

I want my face and gait set towards Jerusalem, this world can creep up on you quick. Lest I slip. Slipping is slow, not quick. I had no agenda writing this post, I’m not against music, i can accept rock, reggae, punk, rap-(kind of), polka, country and southern gospel. As long as they are solidly preaching about the Lord and their banner is clear.

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