Love & Marriage

This hilarious but depressing conversation happened yesterday between my beloved husband and I.

Ernie and Sarah chilling out at the house between services. After dinner, house is a mess..

Sarah <looking around:> ‘Babe, I love that you dont care about things like a clean house.’

Ernie: ‘Sarah, I care.’

There you have it. After almost 10 years of marriage I am STILL finding out wonderful little nuggets about my husband. Who knew? Guess I have some cleaning to do today.

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5 Responses to Love & Marriage

  1. Tina says:

    [Tina is laughing… ’cause well, Tina has had THAT conversation before too]!

  2. Julie says:


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  4. Jan says:

    This is too too funny. I love your clean house song. : ) lol lol
    I love you Flowers! My dear hearts! : ) always, Jan

  5. princessmelissa says:

    I love a happy working song it’s so funny

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