Spirit of the Pioneer

What do you think of when you hear that word, ‘Pioneer?’ I think of wagons, dust, sweat, drive. I get even more when I apply it spiritually. I read an article about being spiritual pioneers a while back and since its been on my mind, I dug it up to check it out again. It was so rich!

Pioneers are ordained of God to violently move Heaven and Earth. The English term “pioneer” was originally derived from a French word meaning PICKAX. Later it was also used to convey the idea of a foot soldier. The Germans use the term “trench digger” to convey the idea of a pioneer. A pioneer during wartime was one who marched before an invading army to prepare and repair the road. They did everything from clearing away barricades to setting mines for destroying the works of the enemy. Pioneers are pathfinders and scouts.

The young pioneer is sure to be confronted by giants of intimidation and mountains of unbelief. At other times they are simply spurned and dismissed as immature extremists and idealists.

Every true pioneer is well acquainted with the taste of hot tears and heartache.

Most of the early American pioneers that moved westward between 1760 and 1850 encountered countless dangers and extreme hardship, because they were not content with what they had already seen. The knowledge that there was still something better beyond the horizon drove them to take extreme risks to improve the quality of their lives.

A true pioneer is relentless.

A spiritual pioneer refuses to compromise or substitute the barren plains of lifeless orthodoxy for the living presence of Jesus! No amount of religious rhetoric or decorum will ever satisfy his God-hungry heart. The God-breathed promises of Scripture hound his soul, reminding him over and over again of his destiny and calling. Promise of green forests, fruitful harvests and rushing streams compel him to continue to seek and pray for something MORE.

Catherine Booth, the mother of the Salvation Army, daily charged her nine children with, “You are not here in the world for yourself. You have been sent here for others. The world is waiting for you!”

A few weeks ago in E-Town, Bro Urbano talked about the Pioneer Trail. When they loaded up to leave, they took a lot in their wagon, everything they could. Along the way, they realized it was too heavy. That they had to toss things off by the wayside. These were their personal items, bits of their lives never to be recovered. Thats what we have to do, we aren’t satisfied here where we are and want MORE. But along the way, things need to drop off. Its painful sometimes to let these things go, they have been a part of us for so long. But they must go. They are weighing us down. And the glory ahead isn’t worth settling here.

The Pioneer days were hard, but when I think of them I can almost feel the fire that burned within them. They KNEW there was something more and went for it. We can settle where we are, or we can be a part of a people that goes ahead, helps pave the way, makes the maps. This fire that burns within me knows I feel this kindred calling to the spirit of the Pioneer. I don’t know exactly what this means, as I don’t think they knew on the wagon trail what it meant for them either. But I know God is good. That’s enough for me.

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3 Responses to Spirit of the Pioneer

  1. Shea says:

    Hey Sarah, that’s good stuff. Remind’s me of a book I read by Eric and Leslie Ludy, ‘When God writes your life story’. It talks about our endless journey of faith and how we should NEVER cast our “tents”
    in our pursuit of knowing such a great God. I REALLY like it, one of my favorite books. Anyway, you might wanna check that one out, I think you and Ernie would both like it. Talk to you all later.

  2. Sarah says:

    Shea, hey! How have you been? You know what is funny? I am reading that book right now. Ernie is very much into Eric Ludy, and his series, ‘Set Apart Life’ is in my sidebar. I wanted to read the book completely before I recommended it to some of the youth, it’s really good so far. Glad you stopped by, hopefully we can get up there to visit soon. -s

  3. Shea says:

    Really, that’s cool. I LOVE that book. I have read several of Eric and Leslie’s book’s and I like them all. I really like the ‘Set Apart Life’ series also. Yeah, I can’t wait for ya’ll to come back over, Amber and I might be coming over there for the graduation coming up. See you guy’s later.

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