I had to take Rees to the Dr. yesterday morning he screamed most of the evening Saturday night with ear pain. I thought he was fussy from being off our schedule but he had a nasty ear infection brewing for a few days. They wouldn’t call anything in for him because he has only had maybe 2 ear infections and they wanted to see him. Great. So as I’m driving to Hendersonville, my van feels a bit laggy. The sun was shining so bright, it was a beautiful day out. I look at my console at a stop light near the Doctors and realized I had been driving the entire way with the Emergency Brake on. Gasping, I instantly popped the brake off, was so glad Ernie wasn’t with me, (lol) and had what is hopefully the last thought I have on fear before I let it go.

For the past few years I have been driving with the e-brake on in my life. I didn’t realize how much it was hindering my spiritual performance (if you will) until I realized it was on! What weirded me out was that my car would go on the freeway 60+ miles with it on. It can be done, but would eventually burn out, I’m sure. The e-brake in my life is fear. I knew it the instant I saw that I had been driving with it on.  My life was brought to an emergency and I put the brake on so hard, so quickly.. With such instinct.


I don’t want to drive with my e-brake on anymore.

It’s time to release the brake and drive freely.

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One Response to Driving

  1. Gina says:

    Nice analogy. Makes me think what’s the emergency brake in my life… I will be praying that you can overcome fear… it’s a strong hold for many…was in my life as well for a long time; still likes to try and creep back in; but through God’s grace, we can drive freely:) Hope your baby is feeling better.

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