The big picture

So, we’re almost done with Numbers if you are doing the Bible reading. There have been so many beautiful things opened up to me this year in the word. I stepped back from the story last night and saw something really special.

What I have seen so far….

God’s people in bondage, He heard their cries and He answered them. He brought them out of slavery with the promise of a new land. A new life. Along the way he performed miracles for them, His beloved people. He parted the Red Sea. Then there is rebellion in the hearts of the people who so quickly forget the miracles. There are murmurings and grumblings with the provision He has given. Then there are laws, designed to protect the people, and to set them apart from their ungodly neighbors. And in some of these laws, a bigger picture, a deeper meaning, if you step back from the actual act of the law (Leviticus.) Yet they disobey. There is humor, in some of the things we read. Also, there is death. He will not share His place in their lives with something else- any idolatry. He tabernacles among them with His presence and they are lead by the cloud.

He just wants a people to love and love Him in return.

I just described my walk with the Lord so far. You hear about people ‘finding’ themselves in the scriptures. I have. Its not been pretty, because ‘they’ are me. When I literally yell at my Bible “WHY???” while reading of the children of Israel, I may as well go in the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and let it out.

I’m thankful for His mercy, Im thankful that I am not God-if I was, everyone would be dead. Im thankful He waited for me, Im thankful He deals with me, accepts me back into fellowship with Him after I have been put out of the camp. He forgives me over and over. Im thankful He is slow to anger with me, patient and so longsuffering. I should have been walking a long time ago in some situations, but find out that sometimes, I still have to crawl. He is like a father, so loving. Doesnt punish the child because they can’t walk, but helps them, encourages them, roots them on as they learn.. Im so thankful for what I feel from Him, the non-condemning love, and that I have eyes to see. He isnt up there causing bad things to happen, but over and over and over and over uses these things that happen for GOOD. Only He could do this. Sin meant it for evil but God means it for good.

May a praise be continually on my lips forever, for all this.. and more..

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One Response to The big picture

  1. Janelle says:

    I’m with you on if I was God everyone would be dead! 🙂 His patience endures forever. It’s amazing how well we relate to a story so old. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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