A Living Leader

We just got home from Bowling Green and I guess I feel like blogging a little. I drove up with some of the girls and Ernie drove up with some of the guys. E-Town, Owensboro, some from Alabama were all there. The place was packed and it felt like camp-meeting. I think we hit Bro Baxters criteria of a great church by 8:30, it officially smelled like a gymnasium- gotta love it! My 4 year old son rode with me and the girls. I do not think there is one girl in our youth he hasn’t officially proposed to.

What stood out to me tonight: We are needing a fresh experience with the Lord. I’ve got to get my love TO my brother, not only have love FOR my brother. Ps. 34 Taste and See. Communication with the Lord will breed trust. Climb up higher, press in harder. I give it all. Be ye separate. Lack of sincerity in today’s Christians. Whether its His coming, or His coming for us- this is all ending one day soon. We need to prepare. We need more of Him. A lot on faith.

Bro Mayes talked about God being central in our lives. Instantly I thought about the picture of the Tabernacle. Halley’s has a picture drawn out from the text. It has the tabernacle in the center of camp and all of the tribes surrounding it. This is no coincidence. Only HE is to be central in our lives.

Not to make this blog totally random, but we are reading the book God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew and I wanted to share this quote.

“I turned through the gate at the school. Above me was the reminder “Have Faith in God.” That was it! It wasnt that I needed the security of a certain amount of money, it was that I needed the security of a relationship. I walked up the crunchy pebblewalk feeling more and more certain that I was on the verge of something exciting. The school was asleep and quiet. I tiptoed upstairs and sat by the bedroom window looking out over Glasgow. If I were going to give my life as the servant of a King, I would have to know that King. What was He like? In what WAY could I trust Him? In the same way I trusted a set of impersonal laws? Or could I trust Him as a living leader, as a very present commander in battle? The question was central. Because if He were a King in name only, I would rather go back to the chocolate factory. I would remain a Christian, but I would know that my religion was only a set of principles, excellent and to be followed, but hardly demanding devotion.”

Learning to trust a living leader. Thats my story. This is a question everyone must ask themselves. Why settle for an impersonal God? When you could know the living God.

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