My littlest guy is sick now. He had a high fever in the night-apparently when he runs a fever he vomits. He has done this more than once. Ernie ended up staying home today because we were up with Rees all night and he felt like he was getting it too. At one point Rees got up to go to the bathroom then instead of coming back to bed he went into the living room screaming ow! ow! ow! He was delirious. But I have never seen Ernie get out of bed so fast. lol It was really funny.

So today, we’re laying on the couch watching movies all day. Rees started getting really hot again, I got up to get him the boo-boo bunny. Its this little stuffed animal that has a square of ice in it, when they are sick they like to hold it. So he starts to cough and barfs all over me. Usually I kick it into panic mom gear when someone is barfing, but since it was all over me, maybe I didnt. If I didnt know better I would think he was aiming for down my shirt. So Im getting cleaned up, throwing Rees in the shower, we’re all trying to do this in the bathroom and Ernie is washing his hands gagging. If I hadnt started laughing so hard I would have tried to find something to throw at him. He gags easy and doesnt do well with vomit, but still, you got a spot of it on you-im covered in it! Instead of helping me he is scrubbing it off his hands. lol Thought I was on candid camera or something. Rees keeps apologizing for throwing up on me too, its pitiful.

Sometimes more often lately when everything is absolutely insane. Laugh. A good hearty laugh helps, even if it sounds a little mad. Mad as in mad hatter tea party mad.

So now my washing machine is now on overdrive. Washing the poor little boo-boo bunny. Hope that cute blue color comes back.

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7 Responses to Reesie

  1. Gina says:

    Aw! Poor boo-boo bunny;) It must be a dad thing… Aaron can’t stand vomit or poo for that case either. It makes him gag as well. I guess we get so used to it, we just have to stop gagging sometime.

    Sorry about the meanie virus. Hope he’s feeling better:)

  2. AaronC says:

    Oh man! So sorry Rees is sick, but Janelle and I got a really good laugh out of this blog.

  3. Janelle says:

    Oh my goodness! When kids puke they do it with flair! I’m so sorry sister, I didn’t even have to endure it going down my clothes. Great, I probably just jinked myself. The line about washing poor boo-boo bunny killed me. I could just see this little stuffed bunny rabbit with a disgusted look on its face swirling around and around in the clothes washer. LOL!!!

  4. Chrissy says:

    Poor Reesie! I hope he’s feeling better soon!

  5. rachel hunt says:

    How hilarious…the bathroom episode with Ernie scrubbing the tiny bit on his hands while you’re covered in it. I love it! Thanks for sharing the humor. Hope you’re all better soon…including the bunny!

  6. allisonsjourney says:

    Poor Rees!! There is nothing like kids throwing up on you. I am totally like Ernie though – my gag reflex is horrible and I will throw up too. Good thing that Val isn’t that way!!

    I hope that he feels better soon!!

  7. cherie says:

    That is so sad. 😦 I hate the stomach flu. We missed you guys last night and will pray that NO else gets sick. Poor Rees, maybe today he will start feeling better.

    Love, Cherie

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