Life Abundant!!


We get the rss feed from Nasa, images of the day. This was in my inbox this week. Instantly I think,”What problems am I facing again?” (sarcasm) We get so caught up in the today that we lose the forever. Look at this picture, get lost in it. Our forever is going to be so beautiful. We watched The Star of Bethlehem the night before last, it was so good. What an interesting dvd. You can see what its about here. His main point being that the stars tell (or confirm) a story. Jesus’ story. Nothing can captivate me like looking at the sky. Day or night. Its the most amazing thing I have ever seen. My vocabulary isn’t big enough to praise Him for all I see when I look up in the night sky!

Reading through Genesis has been so insightful, I want to get the overview of God’s story. Because it is my story. His longing for us and over and over again we cease to trust Him. WE know better. Look at that picture and tell me WE know better. We dont know better. I know nothing actually. I just though of Job 38. I love Job 38. When the Lord tells Job ‘can you bind the chains of the Pleaides or loose the chords of Orion?’ I dont even know what that means fully, let alone begin to know how to do it!! I am excited about what the Lord is doing for all of us and where we are all going together. I want to breathe Him in as much as possible!

The creator of these stars has taken an interest in us. Amazing. I often think of a time when I will get to sit with the Lord with a cup of coffee, there will be coffee there I know it. We’ll get to ask Him things, have Him show me things like this picture. In real life. This life will be ‘the good ole days’ when we trusted Him fully and only knew Him in part. Seeing in part. But one day we will see fully. We will have wished we trusted Him more while here. I always imagine it like a scrapbook, remember when we went through this together, Lord. You really revealed yourself to me through that trial. Abraham was called a friend of God. Through our trials we are becoming his friend. The more I go through life and its ups and downs with my friends, the more I love them for being with me on this journey, trusting in them learning to depend on them being with me. I realize how much I need them, how enriched my life is because I have them. Its like that with the Lord. He has proven His faithfulness to me. I will trust Him.

We are proving so much to Him every day that we trust. He is so real, I am so thrilled with Him. I love Him so much. For showing us all He has, the better way to walk in, this abundant life we have at our FINGERTIPS, the love we can all share with each other. What a sweet life this is! It’s life, but its life abundant!

Jesus, Jesus How I trust Him. How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er.

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus, ’tis so great to trust Him more!

Then he sings back to me..

Sarah, Sarah please just trust me. I’m proving you O’er and O’er. (Deut. 8:2)

Sarah, Sarah, precious Sarah, will you learn to trust me more?

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4 Responses to Life Abundant!!

  1. rachel76 says:

    What a reminder to trust! I was doing a lesson with Kerria yesterday about faith and it reminded me that Peter started to sink when he began focusing on the winds blowing around him instead of on Jesus. That must be a key…keeping my eyes on Jesus and not on the problem.

    Just wondering…is it still possible to get that DVD of the message Bro. Steve preached that you blogged about (the one you wanted a copy of for each of your boys)?

    Just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you sharing about the How Great Is Our God DVD. It is so good. I think they’re going to show it at church here soon.

  2. Tina says:

    One of my most favorite things to do for “myself” is to go outside at night and lie down on my hammock and look up in to the sky, the stars, the moon… just take it all in. It is so peaceful. My hammock has been something I have found to have saved my sanity on more than one occasion. No matter how big my problems seem to “me”, when I’m outside looking up…. at the huge sky…. I feel so small. “LOOKING UP” puts everything in perspective.

  3. AaronC says:

    Great post. I think the gospel is more about now, than later. Our relationship with God now and how we’re learning to trust Him. The thoughts about having coffee with Jesus, and talking about the past – too cool.

  4. Gina says:

    I am still “learning to lean” as the song goes… Thanks for sharing:)

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