Frugal Friday & much more..

So, its Frugal Friday. I am going to start doing Frugal Fridays. Biblical Womanhood gave the idea to me. She does them and in her blog today she even mentioned buying a house cash in 3-5 years as a goal. Lofty as that may sound, why not shoot big? They may seem too big, but I bet it keeps you focused. What a concept! Could we do it? Perhaps we could!

I am new at this whole money saving thing but today I went out with a friend. (She had to do some christmas returns.) I thought ahead and knew we would probably be at the mall. I packed a lunch for my kids ahead, knowing I didnt want to be at the mercy of fast food. Tired cranky kids make you spend money to keep them happy and not hungry. No matter if its chik-fil-a or not, its still not good for them and it still costs money. So instead I pulled out their yogurt and peanut butter and honey sandwich and let them eat away! What a concept. Why havent I thought of this before? Anyways, thats my tip. Stop there if you are just looking for a frugal friday tip. Heres when we get into my blog, the oddities of Sarah’s mind. lol

It’s a good time of year for bargains. I got a few christmas decorations, 75% off. At Lifeway they had nice ones for about 1.00 so we’ll put them away for next year. I dont like to go to the mall, but Bowling Green mall feels more mellow. If I must go, off to Kentucky I will go. I will try not to go though, I cant explain why Im feeling the need to stay out of stores, but I guess I will try. Money saving is just a great result, the real reason is deeper for me.

I have this friend, different friend than I was with today.. She said it well when she told me why she rarely goes to the mall.. ‘When you walk through the mall you have this general feeling of discontent. My hair isnt good enough, my makeup isnt good enough, my towels arent good enough, my sheets arent good enough, my body isnt good enough, my clothes arent good enough…..’ The list could go on and on.. And it does, in my mind…

There is a line from a song I used to listen to when I was an angst filled teenager. While getting ready today it played in my mind for some reason. “The world is an oyster, locked in a shell. You like the taste of it, can’t take the smell.” wow. When I look at it written out, it is pretty powerful stuff, even spiritually. I dont want to like the taste of it either!! I feel like shopping all the time, keeping up with fads, needing something new all the time.. for ME, its all part of it.. Stay away from the mall for a while, then go back, I assure you, its defiling to walk through a mall. Then there is the noise, the distraction, the advertising, it all gets too loud in my mind and drowns out the voice of the one that should be there all the time. The one that tells me Im beautiful just the way I am. The one that should be leading my thoughts, revealing my REAL purpose for being here.

Upton sings a song, its one of my favorites. “The world may think Im crazy when I dont run with them. But its just plain idolatry when God cant have all of me.” In another song, he says these lyrics, “Now Im paying for a one way ticket. On a ship that sails the opposite way.” Thats what I feel He is doing for us, we are to be sailing the opposite way. I want to want to sail the opposite way. I feel a call to sail the opposite way.

The scriptures tell me that Jesus is coming back. When he does, I dont want to be found holding hands with this world. Not thinking its ways are ‘cool’ or ‘in’ not trying to be in touch with fashion, not having to have new things all the time. Not liking the taste of it, not being a worldly Christian. We are different, we should look different, act different, talk different, THINK different.

Maybe materialism is something I feel the need to push through. I want to keep pressing onto the High Calling. I dont want to let anything get in my way.

Basically, my soul is thirsting for more…

In 2008 I want more of what this world CAN’T give me.

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8 Responses to Frugal Friday & much more..

  1. Tina says:

    The last line you wrote: “my soul is thirsting for more”. A few days ago I thought about words to an old country song, Kathy Mattea used to sing, “Standing knee deep in a river dying of thirst”. Very profound words but how true they are. We are surrounded by all of these things that the world has to offer us, yet at the same time this world is destroying us. Perhaps it is a fad, or just a song, or it’s just a video game or a simple advertisement or billboard. But little by little, the world finds a way to creep in. I can’t explain it, Sarah, but I really do feel an urgency to get my life cleaned up… to clean up my house, my children… I want to do better in 2008. I have been standing knee deep and dying of thirst long enough…
    Great post.

  2. mandirowe says:

    Great post. Makes my BBQ bomb post seem a little shallow. What?

  3. Ernie says:

    Here is a excerpt from a message I heard today from it ties in with the thoughts posted —

    * Are you fascinated with the things of this world? Do you find that the allure of Egypt sometimes has a stronger pull than that of God’s Promised Land? The lights, the glitter, the hip style? If this magnetic draw is nurtured and fed within our soul, it is a sure way to keep us from entering into God’s fullness. As long as the flesh remains alive, this allure will sabotage all forward movement in the life of a Christian.
    * Do you view the fully surrendered and possessed life as “too extreme”? If you find yourself justifying your spiritual mediocrity under the pretense that the Promised Land is not a necessary step of the Christian life, but only for “radical” believers, then you are most certainly never going to enter God’s fullness. Until we face the facts that the Promised Land is not a bonus version of the Christian life, but the intended destination of every child of God, we will easily fall prey to the fleshly compromise of wilderness living

    Lesson to be Learned – whenever God nudges us to move forward, we must learn to take the next step immediately, without hesitation, and without regard to the plaintive cries of our flesh. We must allow God to move our lives in directions that seem ridiculous to the world about, that seem “too extreme” to even our church friends, and that even cause our hearts to tremble with the excitement and the thrill of the unknown. We reach Kadesh Barnea (where the spies were sent out of to search the land) often in our Christian lives. When we arrive, let’s not listen to the 10 spies of our flesh, but the 2 spies of the Spirit of God that beckon us forward.

  4. Sarah says:

    Mandi, I loved your blog about BBQ bombs. Gotta have a little of this and a little of that. Thats why I love blogging. I dont have to be anything anyone says I have to be. Its MY Blog! yippee!

    Tina, I hope we are together when we get our long drink. That would be really cool. We are going to try to come visit soon. Its so weird, I have this little plant in the kitchen. I dont know why I buy plants, I so want to be a plant person but I cant remember to water them. ITS BY THE SINK and it is dying. I thought, what a sad little plant you are, right by the water and you are dying of thirst. I thought, so are you Sarah. Then I just watered the stupid little thing. It was pretty easy. Do we make this hard or what? LOL

  5. Tina says:

    I don’t know about you… but doing things the hard way seems to be my middle name.

  6. allisonsjourney says:

    Sarah – I totally wish that I could do that. My kids would look at me like I was some crazy woman if I took food with me to the mall. They would try to convince me that it is not right to do that. I say that I am not eating out anymore, and instead of ordering large meals, I order off the dollar menu. However, I am vowing to not go down the hill but one time a week. We will see how long that lasts.

    I want to always remember to be watered. I have been your plant before, Sarah, sitting right by the water, longing for a drink, and not knowing how to get it. Life can still be that way for me, but I am trying to learn how to keep myself watered, but not flooded – you know, an even balance. I am sure that this sounds stupid, I never can relate how I feel right, but I hope that you get my point.

    Love you Sarah – always know that!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Well, you will save gas going once a week. Just be sure to take a list, its helping me at least to buy only what I need-not getting caught up with the end-cap sales, no matter how good they are.. About the plant. I have been killing plants for a lot of years, this is not a new thing with me. 🙂 But I have found that under-watering them kills them almost as much as over-watering them. This is where my analogy with the plant kingdom and the Lord stops. I have been over-watered by Him and the only thing that happens to me is ‘my cup runneth over.’ I want as much as He can give-bring it, Lord! I was glad to hear yesterday that the baby was born. Glad it’s over for Priscilla. The last month must have been very hard on her. Now the baby is here and they can enjoy her. I love you too very much. I always have and always will. -S

  8. Gina says:

    Ditto to about everything:) I stopped going to the mall for about the same reasons. That and I am tired of my boys staring at the naked models outside of Victoria Secret. It’s just not a good atmosphere for families.

    I am glad you’re into being frugal:) I am sure you’ve heard of Crown Ministries. They have a great plan to be debt free (including your home) within 10 years. Anyways, I know God will bless you for focusing less on the world and more on Him:) Love you.

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