Fear of the Lord

I have been thinking about the fear of the Lord for about a week now. How it applies to me and why I should even think of something like that. I have no idea why this is the first blog of the year, I just felt a lot of these thoughts coming back to me as I read today’s Blackaby devotion. Its very good. How the Lord responds to us and our broken commitments.

Did you know Fear is either a Noun or a Verb?

I was thinking about my kids. How they should fear Ernie and I but not be afraid of us. Seems simple enough but I dont really know how to accomplish this in their lives-completely. I got this thought about them being afraid of us, if they have that kind of fear of us then they will only be good while they are in our sight. Once they leave our sight, they are going to misbehave. BUT if they fear us, meaning reverence us, we are in their hearts always. If they fear, reverence us, and learn how to do that correctly, they will transfer (hopefully, in my theory) that Fear and Reverence to the Lord, they will know how it works!

We are their representation of Christ right now in their little worlds. Big responsibility, huh? Makes me want to go back to sleep under the pressure of it all!

But we can do ALL things through Christ!

The last time I messed up, I dont remember the Lord showing his anger at me, being annoyed with me, yelling at me or ignoring me. In His great patience with me, He tenderly holds me in His loving hand and soothes my fears, forgives me of my failures, even when the failures include failing to put him first! I dont know how He does it but somehow I want to show this kind of love to my kids. I dont want them to be afraid of me, I want them to carry Fear (reverence) for me in their hearts everywhere they go. Maybe I can fear the Lord correctly because over time I have learned that he over and over accepts me and loves me anyways. He has proved His love to me -HIS unconditional love to me o’re and o’er again! (Perhaps this is on my heart because I feel like Im failing in this area of my parenting. I need prayer and the Lords guidance on this big time.)

Blackaby says it best in the last line of his writing today.. “If you truely love Him, your service for Him this year will be the quality He desires.” We cannot do things by grit alone. By our own resolute will to do something. We need love to help us put things into action. If we have a list of things this year to do for the Lord, but have not the love in our hearts to do them, we will fail. We even have to pray for Him to fill us with the desire to go after Him!

My #1 thing on my resolution list.

I want to have more Fear of the Lord as a Noun. Not a Verb.

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3 Responses to Fear of the Lord

  1. aaronlrb says:

    “Fill us with the desire to go after Him!” – AMEN.

  2. Gina says:

    This is perhaps one the hardest to master as a parent. You are definitely not alone when it comes to leasrning to shepherd the heart and will of your children rather than force your way on them. I appreciate you sharing how the Lord deals with you – it always forces me to look at my own life to see if I could stand some correction in that area. LOve you!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    It truely is just me sharing what Im learning. Or more like me revealing my total weakness as a parent. But this issue has been particularly hard for me. If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them. Books? im just working my way through this like everyone else. I know the best father out there, he is our heavenly father. How he deals with me is always a good example, the best example actually-love you, S

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