I’d rather be…

You know those license plates? I’d rather be…

We’ll today I would rather be in Utah, in my mind it was a sunny day snowboarding. With a few trips to the lodge for Hot Cocoa. The kind of day that you don’t even need a jacket or a hat. Just a long sleeve tee, and some goggles. (Usually these days arent in December, but its my mind so it was.) I cant wait until I am the little black speck in this picture. 🙂

Im dreaming today. Talking to Gina made me think of snow, or something. Its totally snowing in Iowa.


Ps. The day is better, my previous post hopefully wasnt too pathetic sounding. Lunch with friends and a day with my boys helped.. At the Dr today, Rees is 128% or something crazy for height. Dr Johnson told me, Hes going to be big. I said, I know. He said, No, Sarah, he is going to be really tall. I laughed. Then in the car I looked in the rear view mirror at the boys. The boys that are going to be so big and I almost started to cry. I asked them, (lame mom question needing positive affirmation or something) Are you guys going to love me when you are big? They said YES!! I told Brad, you are going to be married someday and you will have to come visit me and love me up still! He said, I want to marry you mom! I said Im already married to your dad! He got a little teared up and started to rub his eyes. He said, mom, Who is going to take care of you when Im married? My heart melting, I replied, the Lord gave me your dad for my caretaking. Dont worry! He really started getting worked up. I told him he didnt have to get married and he can live with me forever. (lol)

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4 Responses to I’d rather be…

  1. Tina says:

    That was sooo sweet. For a microsecond I remembered what it was like when my kids were that small…. then reality slapped me in the face and reminded me that my sweet, adorable, innocent babies are now teenagers… DEVILS in disguise and out to completely make what little hair I have left totally and completely gray by the time I’m 40…. if I even make it to 40.

    A typical conversation in my car these days…. when I turn 18 I’m moving out and I’m gonna drive a Mustang GT and talk on the phone all I want. I’m pretty sure stopping by to “love me up” will only take place in MY DREAMS.

  2. Sarah says:

    Funny, Tina. Im sure I will have that too as they are older but Im thankful for the sweetness now. The stabs of it anyways. lol

  3. Tina says:

    I’m just kidding…. sort of. LOL. Your boys are adorable. Just looked at your new pics on Flickr. I could never get my kids to sit on Santas lap. They would have no part of it. I tried it several times and always nothing but SCREAMS. I remember sitting on Santas lap and asking for a Barbie Dream House. Oh…. back in the good old days. LOL.

    I am looking forward to seeing you guys! I’ll be in DuQuoin Sunday but if you’re not there, I understand. I will for sure be seeing you in Mt. Carmel.

  4. Sarah says:

    Tina, we hope to be in DuQuoin this Sunday again, Ernie reminded me it took us only 3 hours to get there which is nothing. But I took Rees to the Dr for shots yesterday. He’s had a fever since. Better right now this evening than he has been. If he keeps this up we’ll go. He threw up last night from the fever being so high.. poor guy. Oh, and my kids were only good because it was at Joey and Amy’s studio. Had it been at a weird place, a mall or whatever, forget it. Im sure thats why we got a few smiles. 🙂

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