I did it.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Eating dinner with Ernies family then dessert at Sean and Lauries. We played Taboo with everyone well into the night, I love that game-it was fun.

I wasnt even going to go shopping but Rees rolled over on me at 4:15 so I figured it was meant to be. (lol) I got dressed, without breaking my ankles on the mess in my room which was a miracle in itself. Onto brewing some coffee. I managed this without breaking anything on the mess in my kitchen. Man, from the looks of my house, you would think I had the festivities here yesterday! On my way out the door, I slipped on the newspaper that I was too lazy to pick up last night at 1 am so coffee goes everywhere. I laugh to myself and hope this isnt how the day approaching is going to go. So I leave, hoping to return to clean before my husband wakes and sees the mess in the light of day. 🙂

I am singing away to my CD as I pull into the mall parking lot. Im on a mission for Boots for me. Selfish, huh? I dont really want to buy presents yet, its stresses me out. So I go thinking I will just go see about some boots-but I would have been perfectly content if I came home with nothing.

5am- Penneys is the main one open at this time and the lines are full of people. I think to myself, “These people must still be high on Pumpkin Pie.” I compliment myself in my head for the brilliant rhyming as I push through the people with tools and pillows. Seriously, pillows. I think they are wishing they were in bed still. Nothing grabs my eye here.

5:25am- Sears. I found boots!!!!! $79 black boots for $19.99 and oh, my they have my size. I think its kind of funny because they put the boots I wanted in the middle of the isle so I had to try them on there. I was laughing as I tried them on, half hoping they just zip over my calf. I have never tried on these knee high boots before. Sweet victory. Im outta there.

6 am-I stroll up to Macys just as they open the doors. Nice. I entered and saw the boots in the ad. Try on a pair-last pair of 9’s ha-ha-ha (crazy 4am mall shopper laugh.)  $70 boots for $27 minus my $10 coupon from the paper. So Brown Boots total $17.98. Oh ya! Left the mall by 6:20.

….and Im home with my kitchen cleaned before Ernie woke up!

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7 Responses to I did it.

  1. Sarah says:

    I just tried on my boots for Ernie, he said 2 words to the black pair.

    Cowboy Boots.

    We’ll be doing a return later on today.

  2. Chrissy says:

    LOL, too funny Sarah!

  3. Tina says:

    I am cracking up. Seriously? You got up at 4 AM to buy a pair of boots for YOURSELF? You kill me. Deal or no deal…. that is some serious craziness.

  4. Liv says:

    Sweat success, Sarah!! Don’t you love finding exactly what you’re looking for on sale?!
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I love you!

  5. Liv says:

    whoops….i meant sweet. I need to lean how to type lol.

  6. Janie says:

    Wow, you were hitting your second store as I was going to bed. lol
    Good job on accomplishing to get your house clean before Ernie saw it. High Five.

  7. travispbatista says:

    This whole experience sounds like torture!

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