How Great is our God DVD

Rachel asked where she could get that DVD I spoke of earlier. Here is the site..

You’ll have to copy and paste that in your address bar, I dont know why it wont link up.

We watched it in church last night. Its overwhelming the first time I watched it. The 2nd and 3rd time I just cried through the whole thing. It takes a while to sink in. God is so big. My favorite part was when he said, “This God that created this big star that changed my life.. I had a hard time talking to God for about 2 months after this. Most of my teenage years up until this point had been about counseling God, letting Him know what to do in my life, what would work best for me, drawing Him diagrams, telling HIM what to do.” This was so good!! We get out of the big picture and forget who is God and who is man.

Buy it! I recommend it- highly. It will change you, I hope!

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One Response to How Great is our God DVD

  1. rachel76 says:

    Thanks, Sarah. I ordered one.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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