Rees & the Mysterious Candy..

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6 Responses to Rees & the Mysterious Candy..

  1. Sarah says:

    Anyways, Google video has some minor glitches I guess. Videos sometimes just disappear, so I had to re-download it. Here it is again. Tina, sorry I had to delete whole last blog, including our previous comments. This video was funny to me because of 2 reasons. Rees boasting to Brad about the candy he found in the drawer and Brad couldnt have any.. AND the big cheesy grin just before the debacle. lol

  2. Tina says:

    Let’s be honest. You deleted my last comment because I said you were a mean mom. LOL. So, I’m going to tell you again…. You’re a MEAN MOM. :0)

    (just kidding).

  3. Gina says:

    that was funny… so what did we learn today, kids? never assume anything:)

  4. Julie says:

    ROFLOL Bonnie did the same thing when she was little.

  5. bellissimanh says:

    ROFL… Poor Rees!! But man.. that was funny 🙂

    I loved hearing your voice in the background. 🙂


  6. Mom Denp says:

    OMG you are your mothers daughter!!! LOL I so would have done that to you and did! You would NOT go back for seconds that is for sure and look at you now, you have grown up to be a fine young woman….and mother I might add…

    Love you
    Mom D.

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